Jean-Pierre Wüthrich want. But the 59-Year-old has no Chance. For over a year, the accountant is from the Bern Kirchlindach to be unemployed. His courage and cheerfulness, he has not therefore lost, as he assured VIEWS in the conversation. “I stay positive, I can do this!”

About 250 applications written by Wüthrich in August 2018. 21 on average per month. Each application is associated with the small hope to soon have a normal life again to welcome you soon back to work.

But the hope is fading with each rejection. You have chosen one of the other competitors and wish you much success in the further job search, answers him company. Wüthrich: “But I want to work!”

companies need to “Wake up”

Wüthrichs resume reads like the career of so many employees in this country who have crossed the fiftieth year of life. Apprenticeship as a businessman in the 1970s, in-house training in the 1980s, Computer-developments in the 1990s, a diploma as a professional in Finance and accounting in the zero years.

Wüthrich is not stopped, Wüthrich remained on the Ball. However, he dropped out of the labour market. “We always say, we should soon work up to 70,” he notes. “But how, if nobody wants to?”

accompanied Him in the hope that the company will in future increasingly on older workers. “Companies need to Wake up!”, he says.

What annoys him the most is that one notices him often, to be overqualified.

“No more buck Cancel”

So how Wüthrich many jobseekers in advanced age. Dozens of letters and comments from VIEWS readers in put age testify to this. The frustration runs deep. “I’ve written more than 200 applications,” says Andreas Portmann-Böni from Zurich. “When I had no more buck on stupid Rejections, I made me with a cleaning company independently.” It is clear to him: “If I retire, I leave Switzerland! Pension taxation and high cost of living are forcing me.”

SIGHT-reader Mario Daniele from Lucerne that has grown to include over 500 applications stopped. He has lost confidence in politics and the economy “completely”. Daniele believes that only the critical mass can it up: “Together, we can move Older something like the yellow the West, in France. Show that it is still there!”

Claudia Bieri from Sursee LU calls: “You should judge people according to qualifications and not according to the age!”

highly qualified

affected Many of the VIEWS of the readers feel that the companies cheated. Representative Benedict judge from Rupperswil AG, says: “My wife got 56 with an award for 25 years of loyal service in the company.” A year later, they have received the notice of termination. “Then, with a 57 over a hundred applications to be written.” Commitments: zero.

What stands out: it is Often good to high-skilled workers whose employment prospects are bleak. “59, six months, 300 applications, 300 Cancel,” writes Iliad Maier from Veyrier GE. The letters show that The job market is tough, people in the specified age have to chew hard bread.