In the U.S. city of Lyndhurst, state of new Jersey, Hillside cemetery employee was in the grave and couldn’t get out. According to local newspaper The Record, after 25 minutes, the gravedigger saved.

the Incident occurred on Tuesday 5 may. According to the police report, 59-year-old worker from the village of Irvington climbed into the grave dug for a pit more than two meters deep, in order to make measurements for the upcoming funeral. At this point the edge of the grave collapsed, burying the gravedigger land.

“the Staff of the cemetery did not use backup when he dug the grave. Despite this, the man decided to climb up there,” — said police Sergeant Vincent Oteri (Vincent Auteri).

the American turned out to be knee-deep in the ground without the opportunity to go upstairs. His cries for help ran colleagues who called the emergency services. When a man rescued from the grave, he complained of pain in the back and chest.

the Victim was taken to the medical center. Its current state is not specified. In case there is an investigation.

Earlier it was reported that in the Australian city of Melbourne gravedigger fell into the grave dug for the pit and lay there for two hours. To save the grave digger team used a special hinged design and cables.