Previously members of the UN security Council twice voted against the same proposal, which was formulated in its resolution Russia.

The UN security Council adopted resolution Belgium and Germany, according to which will be extended for another year the work of one checkpoint on the Syrian-Turkish border to deliver humanitarian aid to Syria. The results of the voting was announced by the Chairman to the security Council the permanent representative of Germany to the UN, Christoph Heusgen.

“voted For the resolution, 12 members of the security Council. Abstained three States. The resolution submitted by Belgium and Germany adopted”, – said Heusgen.

Abstained Russia, China and Dominican Republic. Other members of the UN Security Council supported the resolution.

In the framework of cross-border delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria previously used two border crossings on the border of Syria and Turkey – “Bab El-Hawa and Bab-es-Salam”. The mandate of the CPT had expired on Friday. To further aid in this way, the security Council must adopt a resolution.

Earlier, on 9 July, Russia proposed an identical draft resolution Russia, which said that on the Syrian border should be only one border crossing for delivery of humanitarian assistance, however, he found no support in the UN security Council. Then was rejected and a second version of the resolution about extending cross-border aid to Syria through one checkpoint on the border with Turkey.