Some terrorist groups consider the pandemic as its tactical advantage, since the States ‘ attention is diverted to combat the spread of coronavirus, said the UN Secretary General, antónio Guterres, speaking at the passing by video conference the meeting of the UN Security Council in maintaining peace and stability in the context of a pandemic coronavirus.

According to him, in some regions, "the participants of the conflicts – including terrorist and extremist groups – to consider resulting from the pandemic instability as a tactical advantage."

Thus, in Somalia the Islamist terrorist group "Ash-Shabab" continues to attack, and their frequency did not affect the spread of the coronavirus, he said. "moreover, there is a risk that "Ash-Shabab" can expand the violence, while security forces have to focus on the pandemic," warned the Secretary General.

In addition, "in some countries, fragile peace processes can be derailed by the crisis, especially if they will be distracted the attention of the international community", said Guterres.

"for Example, in Darfur, the pandemic and other challenges have led to the repeated extension of the deadline for completion of the Juba peace process," he said.