UN chief Antonio Guterres in an interview with the newspaper Le Figaro commented on the criticism of U.S. President Donald trump to the world health organization (who) for allegedly insufficient response to the situation with coronavirus infection COVID-19.

He stressed that in the future it is necessary to investigate the occurrence and spread of the pandemic and assess the effectiveness of the who member States and other stakeholders.

“This analysis needs to be done, obviously. But I can tell you, I know representatives who guidelines, they are not under the control of any country,” added Guterres.

According to him, who “always acts in good faith” for “best cooperation” with members of the organization.

In late may, trump announced the severance of U.S. relations with who following the results of investigation of the response of the organization to the situation with the pandemic COVID-19 and because of the “disturbing lack of independence from China”.

Who Director-General Dr tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus, in turn, promised to conduct an evaluation of the activities of the organization during a pandemic.