the UN and Unicef hope to collect several billion to, among other things to take care of the children and young people under the coronakrisen.

the Spread of coronavirusset affects many around the world. Including the poor, who already stood in a very exposed situation.

It is now get the world on the united nations to appeal to the international community a historic and great support at almost 14 billion dollars.

It has come forward at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Of the small 14 billion to approximately 4,4 billion dollars go to the UN’s aid society, Unicef. Here the money will be used to protect children against Covid-19, which is the disease that you get out of coronavirusset.

According to Karen Hækkerup, the general secretary of Unicef Denmark, is the 4,4 billion dollars, the largest sum that Unicef ever have asked for.

– When we do it now, so is it because we have never been in a situation where so many vulnerable children in the world, urgent need for the international community’s help, ” says Karen Hækkerup.

Unicef is planning to spend the money on among other things, ensuring the provision of training to the children, who, because of coronapandemien must look well after the school education at the moment.

Minister for development cooperation Rasmus Prehn (S) is happy that the united nations and organizations have made a joint appeal to the international community.

– It is a huge amount, but it is probably also necessary. We will do what we can from the Danish side in relation to the that contribute.

– It is extremely important that you put quickly and effectively in the conditions to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the very poorest countries, before it gets a hold, says Rasmus Prehn (S).

How big a part of Denmark will contribute with is still too early to say. The minister anticipate that that’s going to take a couple of days before reported nothing out.

in Addition to the money to the children, so the money should also go to prevent the spread of the virus and ensuring proper hygiene.

– We know that more than three billion people do not have access to a sink.

And when one imagines how much contamination there would be, if we do not wash their hands, and who are already extremely poor health, so we must sadly predict that large parts of the world and, in particular, the third world will be extremely hard hit, says Karen Hækkerup.

Of the 4,4 billion crowns will Unicef sending more than half to Africa.

More precisely, about 2,75 billion aimed at helping african children.

Africa is a huge continent, where there are a great many people.

– It is really many people, who are already is characterized by, among other things malnutrition, conflict and climate change.

– So when there comes a coronapandemi on top, so we know just that it is there, where it is going to be allergrimmest, says Karen Hækkerup.

Together with the UN and the second underorgan WHO hope Unicef on financial support from, for example, large collaborations such as the EU, countries and individuals.

Coronavirusset of a few months has spread to nearly all countries in the world.

Global is far over 400,000 people have now been found to be contaminated with the virus. Overall, registered nearly 20,000 deaths of people at a bar around the virus.

On the positive side, more than 110,000 people have become healthy again after having been infected, according to figures from the Johns Hopkins University.