The UN has criticized Spain for

the United Nations has declared that the Spanish authorities “practically doing nothing” to address the high levels of poverty and inequality among the population.

the UN Special Rapporteur on poverty and human rights Philip Al according to the results of the official visit stated that the situation of poverty in Spain is one of the worst in the European Union.

the report of the UN expert says that, despite the gradual recovery of the economy after the financial crisis in 2008, “too many Spanish people continue to suffer.” Al stressed that measures to support economic growth adopted by the government “are corporations and wealthy people”.

26.1% of the adult population and 29.5% of children in Spain, according for 2018, as noted in the report are at risk of poverty. More than 55% face various financial difficulties. The official unemployment rate in Spain, which constitutes 13,8% more than two times above the average rate of unemployment in the EU. Among Spaniards under 25 years the unemployment rate exceeds 30%.

Philip Al during a press conference in Madrid spoke about the visit in the period from 27 January to 7 February 2020 the number of regions and cities in Spain including Madrid, Galicia, Catalonia, Andalusia, Extremadura, the Basque country and held meetings with officials, experts, ordinary gridname, members of civil organizations. According to him, the authorities of Spain today, “deserves a closer look in the mirror,” given what is happening. The UN special Rapporteur stressed that Spain “is practically no accommodation at affordable prices, the system of social assistance is not working.”

Al said that “the Spaniards themselves hard to recognize some parts of the country as part of Spain.”

the Topic of the lack of affordable housing and the preservation of the difficult socio-economic situation in Spain and several other countries to maintain high levels income inequality has previously been the subject of criticism by the United Nations.

In March 2019, the special Rapporteur office of the high Commissioner UN for human rights for affordable housing Leilani Farah and chair of the UN Working group on business and human rights Surya Deva issued a statement in connection with the activities of a number of large private companies and funds.

According to UN estimates, the actions of the Blackstone Group LLP as well as certain other funds, buying real estate in Europe and the United States leads to social tension due to the deterioration of the situation with affordable housing. In this regard, the UN sent a written appeal to the governments of Denmark, Ireland, Spain, USA, Czech Republic and Sweden.