The Ukrainian opposition urged not to leave unpunished an attack on the Russian Embassy

Ukrainian party “the Opposition platform For life” (opsi) has released an official statement in connection with the attack on the Russian Embassy in Kiev, reports channel “Russia 24”.

the document States that the attack on the Embassy in a civilized country is unacceptable and cannot go unpunished. The opposition accuses the Ukrainian authorities that they go on about nationalists, and this is a real sentence for Ukraine.

the party has even questioned the reintegration of Donbass. Representatives OPSG think that Ukraine is far from being civilized, as far the statements of the authorities about the commitment of the Minsk agreements.

Earlier it was reported that about two hundred nationalists marched from the stadium of CSKA to the Russian Embassy, where staged a rally. They were unhappy with the new agreement in Minsk and accused the government of capitulation to Moscow. The Embassy fired from the pistol, and the territory threw firecrackers and flares. They even called to go to storm the Embassy, but the radicals were stopped by fighters of national guard.