The situation in eastern Ukraine is becoming ever more precarious for the Ukrainian army. With the Lyman, the Ukraine has now lost an important hub city. Meanwhile, Russia is apparently regrouping its troops in the border areas. What happened that night in the Ukraine war.

military situation

Precarious situation for the Ukrainians in the east of the country

The Ukrainian army is under severe pressure in the far east of its front. The situation in the Donbass at a glance:

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Political situation

In view of the massive Russian attacks in the east, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy fears that the Donbass will be largely depopulated. With their superior firepower, the attacking Russian troops put pressure on the Ukrainian defenders around the city of Sieverodonetsk on Thursday.

“The ongoing offensive of the occupiers in the Donbass could desert the region,” said Zelenskyj. Cities were being destroyed, people killed or kidnapped, he said. He saw this as “an obvious policy of genocide”. In his evening video address in Kyiv He also explained: “The ongoing offensive by the occupying forces in the Donbass could make the region deserted. Cities would be destroyed, people killed or kidnapped. Friday is the 93rd day of the war.

According to a media report, the US government is considering sending advanced long-range missile systems to Ukraine. The US-made weapon systems could fire missiles hundreds of kilometers away, CNN reported on Thursday, citing several officials.

A new military aid package could be announced as early as next week. Ukraine asked for these types of weapons, it said. However, the US government has been hesitant because of fears that Ukraine could use the missile systems for attacks on Russian territory. The question arises whether this could lead to a Russian retaliation, according to CNN.

Against the background of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, a large multinational maneuver will take place in the Baltic Sea region under the leadership of the USA. In addition to 14 NATO countries such as Germany, the partner countries Sweden and Finland would also take part in the annual maritime exercise “Baltops 22”, said the spokesman for the US Department of Defense, John Kirby, on Thursday (local time) in Washington.

Sweden is the host of the maneuver this year, which is planned from June 5th to 17th. Sweden and Finland have applied for NATO membership because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The maneuver has been taking place regularly in the Baltic Sea region since 1972.

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