The UK government has announced the country's three-week quarantine coronavirus

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the introduction of a three-week quarantine. Citizens are forbidden to leave their homes in most cases, violators will be fined. Also in the country at the time closed shops do not sell food and goods of Prime necessity, gyms and churches. The British Prime Minister urged his countrymen to help in the fight against the virus, observing the restrictions imposed.

“tonight I have to give UK citizens simple instructions – stay home. It is critical to prevent the spread of the virus between people. Because in this way we reduce the number of people needing hospital care at each particular moment, will give the health system the ability to manage and save more lives,” said Johnson in his address to the nation, published on the government website.

to Get out of the house will be only for food and necessities, medical needs, and also for travel to work (only for those who can’t work remotely) and individual sports (only in solitude or living in the same house with family members). The police have the authority to fine violating the quarantine and to disperse the public Assembly.

To encourage citizens to leave their homes less frequently, the authorities also decided to cancel all social events except funerals. Three weeks will be closed down shops, libraries, religious institutions, playgrounds and sports halls. “Neither the Prime Minister does not want to impose such restrictions. And I can assure you that we will constantly monitor the situation. In three weeks we will know whether there is further the need for these measures and if we can, then we weaken the restrictions. But now there’s no other way”, – said Johnson.

While Johnson said that the way out of the situation eSt. He stressed that the national health system of the country will receive additional financial and staff support, including through the return to work 7.5 million previously retired doctors and nurses, there will be a release of necessary medical equipment and accelerated development of vaccines and tools to fight the virus. Will also be purchased “millions of packages” for testing for infection with coronavirus.

in Force to date, soft the recommendation of the government to refrain from contact with others and travel unless absolutely necessary comply with, not all Brits. The government, Johnson has been criticized for lack of courage with the introduction of measures to combat the spread of the virus.

unlike most other European countries Britain did not close its borders and not to restrict the freedom of movement of citizens within the country. Members of the government and its scientific advisers initially insisted that imposed in other countries, the restrictions will be ineffective. Subsequently, they began to say that drastic measures need to pick the “right time”, so that they provide the maximum effect.

19 March, the official representative of the British Prime Minister declared “zero probability” that London will be imposed quarantine and the freedom of movement of citizens will be reduced. Schools, restaurants, cafes and pubs, gyms and cinemas stopped working only on 20 March. The country remained open shopping malls, although private companies, such as IKEA, Apple, H&M and Zara, had earlier announced the temporary suspension of the operation of its stores.

as of Monday in the United Kingdom was confirmed by the 6726 cases of infection with the novel coronavirus. The number of deaths has reached 335, and experts note that this figure is growing faster than in ITALII at the same stage of the disease.

the government acknowledged that the real incidence may be much higher than the number of confirmed cases. According to estimates of the chief medical officer of England Chris witty and scientific adviser to the British government, Patrick Vallance, for each patient who died in the country after being infected with the novel coronavirus might have a thousand infected people.