From the Outside yuck, Inside hui: In a bulls office building in the trendy quarter of Zurich-West, the UBS is working on the Bank of the future. “Digital factory,” she calls to the new location, which opened on Tuesday and in the future, space for up to 600 Tech workers from 20 disciplines to offer. Developers, programmers, customers, consultants, or retail bankers to join forces to build digital solutions.

according to Google – or Apple-good Start-up atmosphere: Old pallets are used as a decoration or Seating, instead of the fine wall paintings project plans or throw Beamer visualizations of new Gadgets and Apps on the wall. Walls were torn out, likewise the old carpets and Linoleum floors. To help bring cross-functional and innovative new digital products to the market.

“to serve our customers better,”

“to promote The physical proximity and close cooperation, creativity and productivity”, say it in a message to the big banks. “We want to serve our customers even better in digital,” is Axel Lehmann, President of UBS Switzerland cited therein. Also they wanted to bring faster products to the market than the competition. The UBS-Techies to program in Zurich-West, including Apps for the Smartphone.

an example is the Online Onboarding App in the “opening an account online” (Debit, credit card in the blink of an eye). More: E-Banking Apps or the valuation of real estate via a Smartphone. Hundreds of millions of Swiss francs were invested in the last few years in digital, UBS projects. Even higher investments will come. “We continue to invest heavily in the digitization – up to the year 2021 will be in Switzerland alone, almost half a billion Swiss francs,” says a spokesman for to VIEW. According to UBS customers, the use of digital services, namely, on the duration of profitable.

competitors thanks to a young top-of-the people

outstrip Those customers who are thinking only of Saving, are likely to be less. You want to get rid of them, apparently: UBS customers are no longer able to put more money to your savings account, forward you make, but The big Bank cut the last bit of interest and lowers the rate of 0.01 to 0% (LOOK told).

Finally, the UBS, through the Expansion of its “digital factory” top young hopes to be able to people for their own developments to Zurich to get. Only the opinion of UBS, is, it is possible to outperform the competitors. The Faster is the Geschwindere. Let’s see whether the strategy works.