The U.S. Senate unanimously approved a record in the history of the country, the antivirus package of economic measures on $2 trillion

the U.S. Senate unanimously supported a bill emergency help the American economy and the citizens, totaling about two trillion dollars in the epidemic coronavirus infections, reports Reuters. According to the Agency, the document was voted by all 96 senators. The bill submitted to the House of representatives, which will consider it on March 27.

the stimulus Package of the US economy provides for direct cash payments in the amount of 1.2 thousand dollars to the Americans with an annual income of less than 75k. Receiving from 75 to 99 thousand dollars, the amount will be proportionately reduced, and for earning from 99 thousand in the year payments will not. A family with low income, thus, will be able to get $ 2,400 for two adults and $ 500 per child.

the Package also provides for the establishment of a program of support for small businesses with a volume of 367 billion dollars, the allocation of 500 billion to Finance the most affected industries, States, and cities. As noted by The New York Times, this is a record package of measures to support the economy in U.S. history.

Measures from the bill in its scale, almost twice the aid package of approximately $ 800 billion, passed in 2009, to overcome the financial crisis. Now officially endorse the document needs the Senate and the House of representatives.

Earlier, representatives of the Democratic party twice blocked the adoption of this bill, because he was dissatisfied with some of his points. At the urging of Democrats who wanted to shift the focus of the bill with the support of big business, it will create a strict system of control over the distribution of aid to big business.

the US President Donald trump called on Congress to pass a bill and declared readiness to sign the document instantly and effectivelyof course, once it goes to the White house. The American leader has underlined that accept a package of economic measures would mark “a great day for American workers and families”.

March 22, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that American authorities plan to send to rescue the economy because of the pandemic, COVID-19 to four trillion dollars. The Finance Minister stressed that developed by the Congress, the bill will allow the Federal reserve (fed, the analogue of the Central Bank) to take additional measures to fill the financial system liquidity, which will help many companies to survive the next 90-120 days.