The U.S. Senate may vote on the case concerning the impeachment of trump

the U.S. Senate prepared to vote today on the case concerning the impeachment of the Trump. At least in this situation, counting the Republicans. Democrats, in turn, insist on calling for hearings on the impeachment of new witnesses.

In particular, they require the presence of the former assistant to the President for national security John Bolton. He can supposedly confirm that trump is deliberately delayed military assistance to Ukraine, expecting in exchange for her initiation of an investigation against the family of his main political opponent — Democrat Joe Biden.

this call as a witness the informer, with whom he began a trial of impeachment, the prosecutors categorically refused.

In August, one of the staff of the intelligence Department complained about the inappropriate behavior of Donald trump during a telephone conversation with President of Ukraine. The document States that trump allegedly pressured a colleague.

the Complaint was the reason for the impeachment, which failed to stop the publication of transcripts of telephone conversation between the two presidents, reports channel “Russia 24”.