The U.S. Senate approved an unprecedented package of measures to support

the U.S. Senate has finally approved a long-awaited bill to provide unprecedented support package in the amount of $2 trillion. True to sight of the document by Donald trump, who promised to do it immediately, as the paper puts it on his Desk, the bill still must be approved by the House of representatives. However, it is expected that on Friday, March 26, all treatments will end and the U.S. economy will get a huge financial injection against the effects of coronavirus.

the Bill, put “only” 880 pages, provides, inter alia, direct payments financial assistance to citizens. Their total volume is estimated at $500 billion. the Recipient will be the American taxpayers, whose income does not exceed $75 thousand per year. Adults corresponding to these parameters, expect to receive $1200 each. In addition, $500 will account for each child.

the Same amount will send to the newly created stabiization Fund to support businesses, cities and States most affected by the epidemic. We already know that $5 billion will have the airlines, the $17 billion company, “are important for maintaining national security.”

$350 billion will be directed on support of small business, individual measures of tax holidays; another $250 billion for unemployment insurance, and almost $50 billion to fight the virus itself.

it is Worth noting that earlier the Minister of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin said that in addition to this direct economic assistance Fedrezerv launch package is still about $4 trillion. Thus, the total amount of incentives will be $6 trillion. And this despite the fact that the GDP in America is estimated at $21 trillion.