the US Congress passed a bill that allows to impose strict sanctions against the citizens of China who is to blame for the oppression of Muslims in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region (XUAR). About it reports Reuters.

it is Noted that the house of representatives passed the bill almost unanimously — opposed by only one person. This is a meeting for the first time in history took place in a remote format. Before this document in may was approved by the Senate, and now it must be signed by the President, Donald trump. The text States that the adoption of strict measures against guilty officials, for example, about the denial of visas and freezing their property in the United States.

may 21, it was reported that US senators have drafted a bipartisan bill on sanctions on another occasion — for the preparation and implementation of new laws in Hong Kong.

4 Dec 2019, the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress also passed a bill that could lead to the imposition of sanctions against the authorities in China, responsible for the work of “re-education camps” of the Uighurs. Then we were talking about restrictions in the framework of the “Global Magnitsky act”.

In November, was published several secret documents of the Communist party of China related to the re-education of the Muslim minority in Xinjiang. They also contained a secret personal instructions of the President of China XI Jinping.

In August 2018, the UN Commission on human rights reported that at least one million members of ethnic minorities is contained in the closed camps, where they were allegedly re. People are forced to sing revolutionary songs, to explore ideas XI Jinping, speaking non-native Chinese language. In Beijing, the existence of the camps is explained by the prevention of terrorist activities in the region.