The U.S. court did not believe the brothers Durov: the ambitious project of cryptocurrency Gram is on the verge of failure

“the Only way I see is to sell the Telegram”. The Creator of the messenger will have to return the money to investors. More than a billion dollars. The American stock exchange, the Commission adopted a decision on the tokens Durov.

“we Believe received from investors billion seven hundred million dollars acquisition of securities”. The court’s decision in new York regarding tokens “Gram”. Which was released by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov in the framework of the blockchain-platform “Telegram Open network”.

That is — to all intents and purposes the same Durov — could be considered internal cryptocurrency to exit on ICO. But stirred the American stock exchange Commission. Her arguments are well known: they say buyers of new digital tokens at the start of issue was calculated and then sell them on secondary markets. And, therefore, de facto, invested in securities.

And unregistered the above Committee. That is clearly not relevant to the Federal laws of the United States. And that’s a Subtotal. By itself, the platform TONE, where invested, including prominent businessmen from the list of “Forbes”, is still not running, despite the supposedly iron guarantees. What are its future prospects? And as we now have to react — by Durov?

They say that this product. And the court saw the real road show in the best traditions of international conglomerates. With an explicit proposal to invest today. And when we start selling is one of the most hyped cryptocurrency “Gram” — will rise in price. And here is a clear reason these tokens to sell. And “gram” after placing the prophesied rise to the heavens. All this seems to be just on the layout, for example, shares. The securities Commission of the United States and decided.

“There are games are not, as a rule, of course they try to consider such things as securities, and the desire of Mr. Durov to share this version led to the fact that “Gram” will be made certain new realities that may hamper development of this direction”, — said Denis Kuskov, General Director of information-analytical Agency.

an Important question — what about the Telegram? Today messenger no income Durova. And its content and promotion are expensive.

Over the last two years on the development and support of service spent 410 million dollars. And this turned out to be the money of investors who invested in the development of the platform. The sum rather big, and so the team culture is in court trying to prove the Telegram is not in danger. They say that in the future it will be different purses for different projects.

“They were going to withdraw and separate breed of company that develop the development of the Telegram and cryptocurrency solutions in different companies. Including it was in the line of defense against a claim — if they did not then claim the SEC would be reasonable. Theoretically, these projects had to go parallel to each other,” explains Alexander Kitsenko, captainvalor.

But did, to reassure those who invested their money? And now those who have invested in this project, have every right to return the money. And it can take a lot.

“Looking at the costs of culture by looking at the number of investors who invested on their sum, we can say — more than a billion dollars will have to return, if indeed the court proves that the tokens were securities. There are additional funding sources and private funding sources, investors who are not affiliated directly with the project TONE and with the release of the token “Gram”, — says Evgeny Kaminsky, cryptocurrency coach.

Further more delicate matter: considering that part of the funds already spent and the Telegram, so creating a blockchain-platfowe. And whether that return? Yes, and there is no denying the fact that after all the legal strife will end — and not in favor of Durova — it can also be required to pay a considerable fine. And it is possible that it will be six zeros.

“to Win the court Durov likely to have enough. While he’s on deadline — April 30 is the deadline when it needs to start or to return money to investors. The court, for example, decide that in addition to the full payment need to pay another fine, and it can be hundreds of millions of dollars, it is quite possible that the actor who spent more than 400 million dollars of investors ‘ money, can’t get all the money out of pocket to return. The only way I see is to sell the Telegram,” — says Anton Rosenberg, a former partner Pavel Durov for his work on “Vkontakte”.

it Remains, of course, a chance at salvation — if investors once again believe Durova and begin to withdraw their money. But the results of the project TONE, IT experts are not impressive. But these same experts believe that the work of the messenger is hardly affected. The messenger lives. And the app will not disappear, in contrast to the ambitious project of the Russian developer.