The U.S. budget deficit was the highest since 2011

a Gaping hole in the U.S. budget deficit is increasing every month.

the Finance Ministry released data for January showing that the government spent $32.6 billion more than it earned.

Thus, the budget deficit was almost three times more than expected.

the Total budget deficit for the financial year — in the States it starts in October and reached $389 billion, a quarter more than last year.

moreover, after the third year, the deficit was the highest since 2011, when the us was still spending enormous resources to fight the effects of the financial crisis.

Then, at the end of the year expenditures exceeded revenues by $1.3 trillion, but until now none of the experts expects that by the end of the year the figure will be the same sky-high.

However, already now many analysts say that government spending is so great, that it seems as if the US are struggling with a crisis or trying to prevent financial turmoil.