There was intense drama, when it was decided, whether Australia’s Grand Prix 2020 should be implemented or not.

Such perceived TV3 Sports reporter Luna Christofi in each case the situation from close range. She was sent to cover the race.

“It was the most weird day. People suddenly began to stir, people were desperate, and people would have an announcement,” she explains to TV3 Sport.

While the rest of the world closed down for sport due to the coronavirus, it was Formula 1 and the local organizers, determined to implement this year’s first contest, which was to be run here in the weekend.

Luna Christofi tells how upon their arrival to Melbourne, where the race was to be held, was talked more about the current coronavirus than Formula 1. The drama was not less, after an employee from the Formula 1 team McLaren was tested positive for the corona virus, after which the team withdrew.

Then escalated things, according to Luna Christofi, and teamcheferne called for action and information about what was going to happen. You can hear her whole story from the dramatic hours at the top of the article.

In the end, decided the organizers to cancel the race night to Friday Danish time.

the first race looks now 0 so far 0 to be the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku in the beginning of June.