Drop any questions about covid-19-consequences – otherwise smoking the opportunity to interview the stars.

this is the sound of the direct message – or threat – from the Premier League-the organisation for the English tv rights holders Sky Sports and BT Sport.

the Daily Mail has come into possession of an internal mail, of which the stringent requirements indicated.

‘It is clear that the Premier League will revoke our access if we do not stick to these guidelines,’ reads it in an email sent to staff at Sky Sports.

it is on, that the approach to the interview with the Premier League stars to be ‘fun and relaxed’.

While Premier League football has been at a standstill for now 35 days (since last fight), are all clubs in the league agreed to make a player available every other week and the manager every fourth week to the two English tv providers, who then pay 10 billion crowns (Sky Sports) and 2.7 billion (BT Sport) for the rights. Of the year.

And it is the access that the league is now threatening to tinker with.

thus, there are many billion and interest at stake in the league, where there is allerflest the money in the world.

It means, according to the aforementioned mail, that tv broadcasters are not allowed to mention topics such as…:

… whether the season should be cancelled. … matches played without spectators. … the repatriation of the employees of the clubs or pay cuts.

‘We must as much as possible avoid news interview,’ it sounds it in the mail from Sky Sports.

The sounds ahead, to the clubs is ‘extremely nervous’ about letting people make up to the interview at the moment,

There is yet to be played nine full rounds of Premier League plus a single postponed match.