The Turkish party has called a war with Syria is a trap for the country

the Beginning of the war of Turkey with Syria amid escalation of the situation in Idlib became a trap for Ankara and the Turkish leader, Tayyip Erdogan, said the decision of the CEC of the Turkish party Vatan (“homeland”).

the party believes that Turkey is being pushed into a trap, so the tensions between Ankara and Damascus is a great concern.

“Together with Turkey being drawn into a trap and our President. This trap was created by the US administration and Israel. They provoke Turkey into a war with Syria,” – said in the party.

According to the authors of the statement, not only Turkey, but also Syria, Iran, Iraq and Russia are facing serious threats. However, the outbreak of war would be a “step in the trap”, since, according to the plan the US and Israel, Erdogan will be without support. The decision of the CEC of the Turkish opposition said that in the end the confrontation with Syria, is isolating Turkey from the allies – Russia, Iran, Iraq and China.

Vatan called on Ankara to cooperate with Moscow and Tehran to resolve the crisis Interscope based on the Astana process and the Sochi agreement.