The tuberculosis is, according to the Federal office for health (BAG), a bacteria-containing droplets over the air-borne disease. In Switzerland there are per year, about 550 cases of the disease, the majority of migrants.

In the Canton of Valais are counted between ten to 15 cases of tuberculosis per year. The number was stable, respectively, over the years, seen a decline, said Pierre-Olivier Bridevaux of the lung League, the Valais on Friday to a report of the newspaper “Le Nouvelliste”.

The health authorities have identified in the environment of young people, around 60 colleagues, which might have plugged in. The potentially affected young people will need in the hospital of customs preventive a blood test.

According to the BAG, a contagion is only after two months of undetectable. Tuberculosis affects 80 per cent of cases the lungs but can also affect other organs. Typical symptoms are cough, often with sputum, fever and weight loss. The tuberculosis with special antibiotics for months, which is usually well treatable. Without treatment, it is generally after a long disease, often fatal.