The trump will protect the jobs of Americans to the closure of US borders

“In light of the attacks by the invisible enemy and the need to protect the jobs of our great American citizens I will sign a decree on temporary suspension of immigration to the United States!” – it is announced in social networks the initiative of the American leader.

that it was another step towards the exclusion of America from arriving in this “melting pot of Nations” of migrants, he quickly reminded critics. Indeed, from the very beginning of presidential term, trump has consistently put into practice generously distributed to his conservative electorate campaign promises and tightened immigration policies: build a wall on the border of USA and Mexico, imposed a moratorium on the issuance of entry visas to citizens of Muslim countries, has reduced the grounds for granting political asylum have complicated the issuance of green cards to legal immigrants and mass deport illegals and their children out of the country.

as a result, according to the Bureau of census of the U.S. population, last year to relocate to America moved approximately 595 thousand people. This is almost two times less than in 2016, when his term of work was finished by the previous administration of us President-Democrat Barack Obama. In conjunction with other demographic factors artificial reduction in immigration has led to the fact that the growth of the U.S. population by the end of 2019 was the lowest in the last 100 years.

the Current solution is trump, with the rapid complication of the epidemiological situation in USA, where to date, the coronavirus has infected almost 800 thousand people, apparently had not been coordinated with other countries. At least, that’s the way the White house did last month, unilaterally announcing a ban on all flights in the United States from Europe, which aroused strong dissatisfaction of the EU.

But hardly the economic rationale Donald trump ban on immigration will cause criticism from ordinary Americans, the number of unemployed among whom the pandemic COVID-2019 growing at a record since the great depression rates. Thus, according to the U.S. Department of labor, in the last four weeks of unemployment benefits addressed by 22 million people, or 13.5 percent of the total workforce in the country. In this regard, the anti-immigrant initiative trump positively regarded as traditional supporters of the President of the United States and massively unemployed undecided voters – an extra competition with immigrants for jobs they don’t by the way.

As expected, the spin doctors in the White house, such a move should support seriously undermined by the epidemic of the coronavirus electoral ratings of the Republican trump in the upcoming November presidential election. Realizing this, it��eticheskie opponents from the camp of the democratic party of the United States has called the latest decision of the American leader a manifestation of populism, xenophobia and an attempt to divert Americans ‘ attention from the complete failure of the government to fight the epidemic, a new coronavirus.