He had killed his female victim “in a systematically planned manner,” said Prosecutor Daniel Akemon in his Opening statement. Gargiulo, made as a the “Hollywood Ripper” is charged with in California for the murder of two women and attempted murder.

In a further process, he is accused of the murder of an 18-Year-olds in Chicago in the U.S. state of Illinois. The brutal violence series should have begun in 1993 with the murder of his young neighbor in Chicago, as Gargiulo was 17 years old.

Also in the Los Angeles area, the plumber is selected by neighbors as the victim, persecuted, and in late-night knife attacks have brutally attacked. The 22-year-old Ashley, the Compiler, was found in 2001, in her home with 47 stab wounds killed.

Customer was a friend of actor Ashton Kutcher, who was Dating the night of the murder with the actor, as CBS reported. When Kutcher went to pick you up, didn’t you open the door. Probably the young woman had been murdered a short time before.

Kutcher is on a list of more than 200 persons who could be called on in the months-long process as a witness, reported: “People.com”.

Gargiulo was arrested in June 2008, a few weeks after a knife attack on a 27-year-old neighbor in Santa Monica. The wife survived. Through DNA traces of the suspect has been associated with this and the previous cases.