Four and a half months, the Tretyakov gallery was closed to the public. And then, finally, came out of isolation. Staff and visitors with difficulty, but get used to the Museum of life under the new rules, however, the desire for art and socialization harder.

the Museum greets visitors Ministers: in the New Tretyakov gallery – exhibition “Generation XXI”, here ends the installation of the project “Nenasala” (opening July 7), and in the West wing – festival “Fixer”. Correspondent “MK” together with the first visitors of the Museum tested the new rules and looked for new projects.

information Desk in the Tretyakov gallery has acquired a clear plastic screens, which are branded pink form waiting for the first visitors, administrators and cashiers of the Museum.

– Here we can sit without protective screens on the head, but if we leave the halls, they need to wear. Such rules, says one of the employees behind the counter. – Hard, of course, hot, but better than sitting at home. Nothing, as anyone can handle.

walking through the halls, already the first guests, mostly couples or retirees. No, but take off the mask to give the rest of the face, trouble breathing, and then again wearing. Despite the new air purification system to be masked all the time complicated. But they all realize it and are behaving quite responsibly. People a little distance to observe it is possible, however, fascinated looking at the pictures, no-no, but forget about the new rules. However, the Museum is much freer than in the same Gorky Park, where people in rush hour in the subway.

most visitors to a new exhibition “Generation XXI”. Here are the the art of 2000-2010-ies. A collection of more than 150 works gathered Fund Smirnova-Sorokin and donated to the Tretyakov gallery. “This exhibition is an attempt of revision and structuring in Museum format strategies of artists who declared themselves in the first two decades of the twenty-first century. The zero years – “a time of hope,” as it is known, was accompanied by the rapid flourishing of artistic life,” reads the Preface of the project.

the Attempt of structuring visual impact on the wall located in front of the entrance to the hall: here inscribed the names of all the heroes of the exhibition in the form of a plan card. The exhibition is divided into several sections, distributing artists ‘ work on themes and trends. Open the project’s abstract work, which refers to the origins of Suprematism.

the Thrust of young artists in the zero to monochrome, simplicity, and asceticism due to the curators of a reaction to the excess of the subject, and commercial art. Here, among other things, there is the work of Vladimir Logutov “Pieces of metal” hands in blued steel in the hole. Holes are drilled so that the surface appears three-dimensional, although in reality it is flat. So here is a visual game.

Another section already recovered��em game as an artistic strategy, a principle that casts doubt on the accepted conventions. Got here, in particular, video Polina Cadiz “Eggs” – the girl tries to catch at the skirt of the eggs like in the game “Well, pogodi!”. The work was performed in zero: was nominated for the “Innovation” award and became the winner of the Kandinsky Prize.

Reviving the fashion in the 1990s, the game, Pauline was able to catch a variety of different subjects, from reflections on the past to the question of missed opportunities in the daily race events. Of the game, however, art is far from children, they sense and sometimes prophetic. So, a series of works of Misha Most, where the artist covers an abstract stained with the articles of the Constitution about freedom of speech, was in tune with the present day.

Highlighted in a separate Chapter at the exhibition, selling the theme of memory, where most of the collected works addressed to the Soviet past. But there often occur moves. If not the game of meanings and words is the work of Andrew Silaeva “Complete works”, which is a stylized writings of Lenin are the real bricks? Here the word “brick”, which often represent a hefty volume, takes on visual form.

In the next Chapter – “the Possibility of beauty” – a play on the template an indication of the attractiveness of art. But no, modern art has to be beautiful, but it encourages you to think and feel. There are no laws, there are images and meanings. Tear patterns, such as occurs in the paintings of Vladimir Potapov: painted table lamp highlights a real hole in the plywood where the painting is…

journey into the art of zero – today a kind of nostalgia for the days that seem to have been recently, but already very far away and probably never coming back. In the context of recent events, this exhibition takes on added sound associated with the return to normal life.

Another project opened in the New Tretyakov gallery, with the same mood came back. Photo festival “the Fixer” had to amritsa March 19 on the third floor of the West wing of the state Tretyakov gallery (formerly CHA). It was time to mount, but did not present to the quarantine. “We thought about whether to add insulation time, but decided that it was too tired,” – says the curator of the festival, famous photographer Sergey Kovalchuk. At the exhibition 11 sections-known or little-known photographers, and about a hundred photographs selected at the contest. Exposure – motley, each author’s own style.

Black-and-white, slightly blurry series of photographs of Sergei Trapeznikov seems to be made in the distant Soviet times (here and the pioneers, and laborers in the field, Granny for tea in retro interiors), but it pictures the last two years. Charming Studio RA��comes Alexander Ov-Lebedev created in the style of the Renaissance – like Vermeer, he uses the sfumato effect and method of “detached perception”. Contrasting with it are the work of designer minimalism Natalia Golubeva – bright and laconic style. The opening of the festival – photographer Igor Andreev from Arkhangelsk. His photographs of children in familiar situations, on a bike or playing in the yard, but caught the piercing gaze, full of depth and pure sincerity.

the Contest works United by the theme “If something wrong”: there is a lot of fun and sometimes absurd works, sometimes you can detect the alien or the flying island.

– Our deliberate mistake-the joke in the title of the contest caused a sea of on-line discussions, but in the end we got a lot of beautiful works from across the country. The main criterion for us is the author’s view and style. Because today everyone takes, but not everyone turns to find their own vision and composition decisions. The six best will be awarded with a cash prize, and still have the audience prize – every visitor can vote for their favourite work, – says Sergey Kovalchuk. In these halls, it seems that there is no pandemic, if not. There is a good exhibition, Museum life, movement. Only mask on the Rangers, the mark on maintaining the distance on the floor from time to time, sounding from the speaker’s voice is reminiscent of the forced rules of the new reality.