In Greece while conducting survey work on the island of Lemnos interagency team of researchers has discovered a giant fossilized tree trunk, which is about 20 million years.

a Brief report about the opening appeared on the website of the Museum of natural history project “the Petrified forest on Lesbos”. Previously, scientists on the island of Lesbos in Greece found numerous remains of the petrified forest. However, the new finding was made on the neighbouring island of Lemnos.

the Excavation was conducted in the village of Varos. Experts from the Museum acted as scientific advisers. At the moment only completed the first stage of excavations. However, even he is allowed to dig up the fossilized cut the barrel length of more than eight meters.

it is Reported that the barrel still retains the characteristics of wood, and the ends of its branches, and all are in excellent condition. It was a giant pine tree that grew in the woods about 20 million years ago. Scientists suggest that it was the ancestors of today’s sequoias.

They note that the external morphological characteristics of the trunk has been preserved in excellent condition, like Cora. Preserved nutritiology ring. In the near future it is planned to study the internal structure of the petrified wood with the electron microscope. This will help to determine the kind and type of plant.

the Petrified forest on the Islands of Lesvos and Limnos is well preserved by natural causes. It is believed that about 20 million years ago this region was an active volcanic activity. The eruption helped to “preserve” the forest, concealing them under the volcanic sediments.

by the Way, most of the fossilized trees are found on the seabed between two Islands. So this discovery was a big success for scientists. In the second phase, they plan to dig up the entire giant tree.