Previously the Bank of Russia initiated the law on the abolition of banking roaming fees for transferring to another region within the Bank. “We see that some market participants, referring to new requirements, introduced new limits and additional fees for the citizens for transfers within your network, – said the representative of the Central Bank. Of course such actions limit the ability of citizens to freely carry out the transfer. To impose such barriers is unacceptable given the fact that the Bank knows its customer and its payment behavior. In addition, from the point of view of expenses of the Bank, such restrictions are not justified”. Securities in such cases does not name specific banks, but the lifting of Bank of roaming was directed against “inter-regional” committees of the savings Bank. In preparation for their forced cancellation, the Bank introduced a fee of 1% (but not more than 1 thousand roubles) for transfers amounting to more than 50 thousand rubles. per month on their cards, and with 2 June set the same fee for all money transfers via ATM, regardless of the amount, justifying it by the fact that the channel is only 1% of operations. The transfers of the savings Bank in the amount of 100 thousand rubles for his clients become free with the accession of the Bank to the System of quick payments.

“To regulate, where appropriate, limits such commissions and transaction limits to the Bank of Russia authorization is required, by analogy with the commissions of the payment systems, – have informed in the Central Bank. – In the near future we will go to legislators with this proposal and ask him to support it.” Probably, the Bank will adjust and pay the service fee and card issuance. The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina did not rule out that she would have to ask the state Duma, if banks are really going to increase costs for the use of cards. Previously, banks were warned that they would increase it, if the Central Bank will prolong imposed for the period of the pandemic limitation fees for accepting cash payments for online purchases of food, medicine and clothing.