The traffic police opened the hunt for the worst debtors (with confiscation)

the Office thinking about how to exclude the traffic of aggressive drivers, and primarily took the owners of absurdly large amounts of unpaid fines. Debtors facing forced seizure of vehicles.

the traffic police have calculated how much the Russians have impressive debts on fines, and numbered 73 of the driver who have not paid more than a thousand orders. About it reports “Kommersant”, stating that in three hundred Russians are not closed from five hundred to one thousand cases, and from 100 to 500 unpaid fines have on the account is almost 10 thousand motorists.

In the Department came to the conclusion that the number of violations is an integral part of aggressive drivers, which should be removed from public roads. The process attracted the bailiff: with the help of the cameras the inspectors track the movement of the debtor’s vehicle to stop him, and the bailiff immediately arrested the car. Subsequently, the property, under this scheme, up to the implementation, and debts on penalties extinguished from the proceeds.

According to the newspaper, 17 motorists of the above 73 offenders already caught in the net, their cars were arrested. In the regions of the traffic police have sent instructions with the requirement to establish routes of movement of debtors and deal with them accordingly, including involving car owners under article 20.25 of the administrative code it provides additional liability for non-payment of fines on time.

Separately mentioned and already known to the intention of the traffic police force to stop the registration of vehicles whose owners have died. To bring the deceased owner of the car accountable for the clear reasons it is impossible, therefore those who ride these machines, you feel like with relative impunity.

Text: Avtovesti