The Town can be punished with volunteers handing out food without a permit

the Action of a group of volunteers collecting and distributing free food and necessities to the homeless in Ibiza, faced the opposition of the authorities. The police demanded from them a document authorizing such actions in the conditions imposed in the country of quarantine because of the coronavirus.

volunteers are engaged in the distribution of food for five years. First, the leader of this group Cristobal did at the threshold of his house, then when began to receive more donations, adapted to their needs that empty space. All went well until last weekend when the police accused the volunteers in “service without the permission of the city administration”.

Despite the threat of punishment, cristóbal’s not going away. According to him, “volunteers comply with all safety rules, as do other organizations involved with the delivery and sale of food.” People work with gloves and masks, and those who get food, waiting for their turn at a safe distance. At the same time, to enter premises may not be more than three people. And the police recognize that all requirements are met. In addition to having permission.

According to volunteers, the paperwork is a waste of time, which they do not. “First you have to care for people then to deal with the bureaucracy”, they say.

“We are ready to be detained if the authorities believe that feeding someone who has no food is illegal,” – said Juan.

As writes El Mundo, to confront the authorities, was organized collection of signatures in support of the initiative.