because of the coronavirus, many Russians have had to adjust their plans for the summer vacation. The borders are closed. And tourists drew their attention to domestic resorts. Black sea — out of competition. About 90% of the sales from all rounds in the domestic market, according to analysts, accounted for Krasnodar Krai and the Crimea. As for quarantine and restrictive measures to change the prices of the rest? What most tourists choose — subtropical Sochi and the steppe and mountain Crimea? What can you say about the download of the resorts? What is the average check per person for a holiday in the South of Russia? On this and many other told “MK” the General Director of one of the largest tour operators Sergey Romashkin.

the Tourist season in Crimea has started from 1 July in the Krasnodar region hotels for tourists without reference opened a little earlier, — says our expert. — In the resorts still require a certificate of epidemiological environment, which creates additional problems for tourists, especially for those who live in small towns. So the winners are those objects that take tourists without references. And that, above all, hotels.

the Demand for tours began to recover very quickly, somewhere from the end of June the sale went very quickly. And now we see that the number of tourists who came on vacation from 1 to 10 July, about the same as a year ago. In 2019, we could sell these vouchers for six months, and now we were caught literally by the week, and sales started since 20th of June.

— How big demand is reflected in the prices on the rest?

— we Often hear that the prices are scary increased. We do not see. I do not exclude that there are some leaders of capitalist production that really raised prices.

We see that there is a lack of high-quality 4-5 star hotels. Their objective is very small. Their owners, in principle, can do whatever you want. Prices are sometimes really wild.

In the Crimea, for example, about ten 5* hotels. They, in sum, probably can accommodate about a thousand people.

it is Clear that in Russia there are several thousand people who are willing to pay any money to come on holiday when they want and conveniently and not in the low season, when accommodation in hotels cheaper. At these hotels, we see rapid growth.

we are looking at the whole picture, the market average, in terms of hundreds of thousands of vouchers. For example, Eastern Crimea rose by 6%, South shore and Western Crimea — on 9%. Anapa — 7% Adler — on 1%. Of a disaster, in my opinion, did not happen.

in January 2020, before all this coronavirus history, hotel prices were higher by approximately 5-6%. It should not be for the Russians surprise us from year to year becomes much more expensive is inflation.

the Epidemic has added another 2-3% because of a health resort laid in your expenses provision coronavirus security. Preying on tourists, no one is going. It is clear that the solvency of the Russians fell, many lost their jobs, people have a decreased income. Now it is not about some superprofits, but only on the reduction of losses.

— What the Russians often choose holidays in the Crimea and the Krasnodar region?

— each region has, as we say, is their market share. The number of rooms in the Crimea three times less than in the Krasnodar region. Accordingly, there can rest three times less tourists. Krasnodar Krai over the Crimea in size, bigger, there are more beaches and hotels.

From the point of view of the service slightly behind the Crimea from the Krasnodar region. On the Peninsula a lot, not afraid of the word, “Soviet” objects that were built in the 70-80 years of the last century. They froze in their development, the Ukrainian times, got no money for reconstruction and renewal. So now look very sad from the point of view and service, food and room stock.

Krasnodar Krai has received over the last 10 years a huge inflow of investments, both private and public. For the Olympics was built many objects appeared several tens of thousands of rooms. It’s mostly good hotels 3-4-5 stars. They’re still new. And in the Crimea, like new hotels — units. In Krasnodar region there is an international hotel chain, in the Crimea it is not.

the Most expensive resort — Sochi. Accommodation prices there are about the same as in the hotels located on the southern coast of the Crimea. In General, prices are similar to Crimea Anapa, which is considered a budget resort than Sochi.

What can you say about the average check?

— It is about 2500 – 2800 rubles per person per day with half Board. This so-called mass-market. The average length of stay is usually 10 days. That is, the accommodation costs 25 – 28 thousand rubles per person.

the Average price of flights back and forth, as in Adler and Simferopol is about 9, 5 thousand rubles. Airlines have reduced prices. A year ago these tickets in July and August was worth 12-13 thousand rubles. Even if, say, hotel prices rose by 10%, due to the decrease in the cost of airfare, vacation is still cheaper than in 2019.

— Many, probably, pay attention to beaches and the climate.

— we Have a standard set of beaches in both resorts. In Anapa, Evpatoria on the Western coast of the Crimea — more sandy beaches. There often go on holiday parents with young children. In Sochi, as in most parts of the southern coast of the Crimea, — pebbles, these resorts cater to adults with older children.

the Climate in the Crimea is more dry, high temperature better tolerated there than in Sochi. This VAzhno for older people. The coastal area of Sochi and the entire area of the black sea coast South of Tuapse, is located in a zone of damp subtropics. On the coast from Anapa to Tuapse is dominated by dry Mediterranean climate.

Now, many have turned their attention to the holidays in the highlands, in the Alpine zone. The district of Krasnaya Polyana is considered a ski resort, but in recent years, developing a summer vacation in the mountains. Download hotels there is 90% as in hotels on the coast. There go those who want to spend a quiet holiday in nature. A room in a 5 star hotel there is two to three times cheaper than at this time on the coast.

— because Of quarantine and restrictive measures, there is a fear that hotels will soon be over?

— In normal years we get to July 25, has already finished the sale for the summer. By this time, tourists usually have already decided about the rest. On average, to choose a hotel, look to be a holiday, tourists would require about 20 days. This year, given the disaster of the season, this period was reduced to 10 to 14 days. Now the place is still there. It can be assumed that by 25 July they will end.

what I would like to draw the attention of our tourists?

— it is Necessary to carefully choose the hotel and room. There is one caveat associated with the problem of the Russian tourist market in General.

for example, if you take some Turkish “five”, then you have some idea what to expect. They’re quite standardized, no wonder they got their stars. All these objects were built at about the same time. They are all about the same quality.

In Russia, however, variation in the timing of construction of hotels is quite large – about 50 years. The quality of service they can vary by 10 times.

for Example, my friend of the family recently went to have a rest to Evpatoria. With them went on holiday and the child. And they got a 12-meter room in which it was difficult to live together. I wonder how they missed this detail? After all, both people are very scrupulous, meticulous. And it was really good hotel of 4-star level. There were just rooms of different sizes. To claim there was no one, no one was deceived. The site was written what the room area. For a small fee they moved to a bigger room.

— What prospects are outlined at the opening of the borders?

— Optimists say about the beginning of the “unfreezing” of July 15, the pessimists — about the middle of September. Realists believe that this will happen somewhere in mid-August. And will start flying abroad. But we can assume that the first wave of “venture” Belarus and Abkhazia.

Abkhazia could relieve some pressure off the Sochi hotels, as the airport they have in common – all come through the airport in Adler. The more that Abkhazia last year took about 1, 5 million of our tourists.

the opening of the borders look forward to some of our tourists, fans of Turkey who say: “In Sochi and in the Crimea — or foot, only in Turkey.”

you Have to understand that many of them stuck money in tourist companies. People want to choose a similar tour that they have previously booked. We understand this concern, but still believe that waiting may pass July, and August. They get nothing, their tour will take in 2021. A quarter of tourists are the people who can’t wait for the opening of the borders, they are ready to go now, considering domestic tourism. Moreover, the officials in September promised a second wave of the epidemic on the coronavirus.

the Tourists understand that they need to meet in July and August. They are more demanding, oriented to the European, Turkish standards of quality. They need a common format for all inclusive, especially if it’s parents with children. To work with them more difficult, but we have such an experience. In 2016, when for political reasons, was closed by Turkey, we received a major influx of these tourists. And they all, in General, was satisfied.