Kluisbergen –

The Belgian cycling season today, at the end of October were extended. And even though it is the UCI who will decide about the classics, there is growing immediately in the hope for cycling fans to get to 2020, the Tour of Flanders to get it. But that hope is immediately quashed by the mayor, city of Kluisbergen, which is primarily of practical concerns, and serious conclusions.

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Photo credit < / P> Kluisbergen has to do with the Oude Kwaremont and the Paterberg, the two scherprechters of the Tour of Flanders on its territory are located. The mayor, Philippe Willequet, a clear understanding of the (practical) feasibility of the Tour of Flanders later in the year. And a little bit of hope for the koersliefhebber, who still hopes to be on the Most Beautiful by the year 2020.

“first, Let’s look at how the virus is evolving, and step by step, and eventually, anything else will allow. However, I think that’s it for this season, and this year’s Round of driving. It won’t continue,” said Willequet firmly at the Very.

“in The Tour organized in October of that is not possible. If it does, it would go on, it will never be like the previous years. If you’re talking about the Tour of Flanders, then to talk to you about a month to prepare. The organization, the police, the signals, which are all things that are perfectly prepared. Now that is a date on vaccinations, with only a couple of months of preparation, it would be a real challenge. And if it would be possible, then it would not be in its current form. I think the chance is small, if not non-existent.”

There’s still a glimmer of hope for a Tour without an audience?
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