After the european football CHAMPIONSHIPS and the Olympic Games and now the Tour de France on the look out for a new date. The president of france Emmanuel Macron has made Monday night announced that up to mid-July, no major events, the public is allowed to occur on the French territory, so that is the Tour de France, of the 27th of June until the 19th of July for at least three weeks delayed. ASO boss Christian Prudhomme gave up earlier on a Tour, without a public option.

the Organizer ASO wants to pass it on to 15 in may to make a decision on whether or not to continue in the Tour de France, but the French president, Emmanuel Macron, has a rod between the sleeves. In regeringsmededeling he made Monday evening announced that, for the moment, in France, is to be extended till the 11th of may, and in mid-July, no major events, the public is allowed to occur on the French territory. “The measures have been effective in the show,” said Macron. “The epidemic is reaching a plateau, there is hope.”

this means that the Tour will definitely not start on the scheduled date of the 27th of June, in the city. As a general rule, the Tour will still be able to go on without the general public, but this experiment was Tourbaas Christian Prudhomme had previously turned down. “There will definitely be no Tour without the fans,” was in the past. The Tour de France is, therefore, with a minimum of three weeks is suspended.

the tour organization has the ASO has not yet responded to the new directives of the president of france, but it would be in the youngest days, and weeks and have been working on an alternative Tour at a later date in the year 2020. According to various French sources, there is already a Plan B on the table, which means that the Tour will begin on the 25th of July and end on the 16th of August. Many French towns and cities have already given their approval to this scenario.

the Case Plan is to be implemented, and given the green light by the UCI, it means that the Tour would overlap with the Vuelta a españa. The Tour of Spain, which is, after all, been programmed, on the 14th of August. The Spanish wedstrijddirecteur Javier Guillen has already announced that he would be ready to take his game may need to move it to a later date, and that he wouldn’t mind that the match coincided with the other major races. Also, the tour of spain and is the sole property of GSE.

Earlier, the european football CHAMPIONSHIP (June 11-July 11, 2021), and the Olympic Games in Tokyo (July 23-August 8, 2021), with one year suspended. The Giro d’italia (9-31 may) is also planned to continue because of the corona virus, and the launch has been postponed to a date to be determined. The Tour of Spain, which will normally take place on the 14th of August to the 6th of september.
More about the Tour de France, to France, to prolong this moment until the 11th of may, the Tour de France, at the earliest, in mid-July For Marc Van Ranst has been deferred to the Tour de France to be realistic: “by the side of the road, and there’s not a lot of danger”, According to the leaked mail, it charges the Tour de France is not just cause for cancellation, but a postponement, in 2020 the solar Corona or not, it was Chris Froome rides again, the, yellow