The top 10 Russian regions with the highest quality of life

Experts RIA Rating published a rating of Russian regions for quality of life.

the rankings, the experts evaluated the regions in 70 different indicators, reflecting either side of the standard of living of Russians. The experts then calculated a total score.

Below we will discuss 10 regions of the country with the highest standard of living.

1. Moscow

Score: 79,275

Place in 2018: 1

this is not the first year tops the ranking of regions in terms of life. Her ranking score is more than 79. Other regions have not yet been able to come close to this figure.

2. Saint Petersburg

Score: 77,308

Place in 2018: 2

the Minimum rating score is 1 and the maximum is 100. The regions of the first three-score greater than 70.

3. Moscow oblast

Score: 74,500

Place in 2018: 3

Closes the three leaders of the Moscow region. As experts predict, in the coming years we should not expect changes in the leaderboard, due to the high level of economic development and infrastructure in these regions.

4. The Republic of Tatarstan

Score: 66,806

Place in 2018: 4

On the fourth place – Tatarstan, which also has a high level of economic development and infrastructure.

5. Belgorod oblast

Score: 63,978

Place in 2018: 5

the authors of the rating emphasize that the regions of the top ten ranking accounting for almost 40% of the total GRP of Russian regions.

6. Krasnodar Krai

Score: 63,067

Place in 2018: 6

In sixth place – Krasnodar Krai with the score just above 63. The region is also characterised by a fairly high level of economic development. In addition, in recent years it has become the center of attraction of investments.

7. Voronezh oblast

Score: 61,981

Place in 2018: 7

the Average score for the regions of Russia – 46,38. Compared to 2018, the average score was almost unchanged in 2018 he was 46,37.

8. Lenincity area

Score: 60,695

Place in 2018: 11

Leningrad oblast for the year rose in the rankings by three places. If in 2018 it occupied 11th place, in 2019, it has already entered the top 10 and was in eighth place.

9. Kaliningrad oblast

Score: 59,247

Place in 2018: 10

the Kaliningrad region for the year rose in the rating by one place. In 2018, she took 10th place in 2019, rose to ninth. The rating score has increased from 51 regions compared to 2018, and decreased in 34 regions.


Score: 58,813

Place in 2018: 8

Closes the top of KHMAO with the rating score 58,813. During the year, the region has fallen two places – if in 2018 he took 8th place in the ranking, in 2019, the tenth.