Alfonso Albaisa no longer comes out of the swarms. Over 20 years ago, the Tokyo motor show was already the Mecca of the car of the future. But this year, the event for him was as the chief designer of Nissan’s even more impressive. One wonders, then: Was it the same exhibition?

But Nissan needs some good news. Around a year ago, Ex-CEO Carlos Ghosn was arrested on suspicion of infidelity and in consequence discontinued. Since then, the Japanese car maker no longer comes out of the turmoil: sales and slump in sales, leadership crisis and infighting, and the Alliance with Renault is facing problems also, since then, the French Partner flirted with a merger with Fiat-Chrysler, and this idea probably has not fully buried. Recently Ex-chief Ghosn called for by the setting of the investigation against him. He sees the allegations as part of an intrigue against him. Rumored not to have planned Ghosn is a Fusion of Nissan and Renault, which met in Japan to consent.

But Albaisa says not a word on these issues – for him, the study Ariya Concept is the focus. With the serial version to restore the connection to the competition from Europe and South Korea managed the long electric Crossover with a lot more range than the Nissan Leaf offer. Both Outside as well as the interior of the Ariya to make a right series tire impression. Market launch will be in 2021; in the coming year, the production version will be unveiled already.

The drive uses Nissan as a VW module design: Front – and all-wheel drive between 210 and 400 HP will be available, and a choice of two batteries, with a 55 or 90 kilowatt-hours in the sub-floor. Up to 500 km should lie with the larger battery pack in it. Also on Board: The Pro-Pilot System for piloted Driving, with the worldwide 450’000 cars on the road and the tracks, at least on a car, the hands from the tax could take – if it would be allowed. The serial Ariya receives a further-developed Version.

Visually, a new time for Nissan to break with the five-seater also. “We have 70 years of experience with electric cars,” says Albaisa, “The new drive platform now gives us even more possibilities in Design.” Behind the huge front grille, the sensors, the driving assistant is seated, the contoured rear line not seen in the case of Nissan and the far-outer-placed axes to create more interior space. Despite the flatter roof line and enough space in the second row thanks to the long wheelbase. And the atmosphere in the interior shows that Nissan targets with the Ariya on high-priced competition à la Audi E-Tron, Jaguar I-Pace or Mercedes EQC. Virtual instruments and operation by touch screen in the Cockpit on premises.

And yet, a study on driving Albaisa: The IMk Concept gives an Outlook on a new Kei Car. This vehicle class is typical Japanese – small footprint, but thanks to high-format, Mini-motors up to 600 cubic centimeters, or E-drive, and to drive with a Low-Budget driver’s license. And nothing for Europe. Although such Mini-Minivans with E-fit drive is good in the cities.