police everywhere, Security at the hotel entrance, road barrier, traffic chaos in Tokyo, is head. But not the 46. Tokyo Motor Show provides a state of exception, but rather the enthronement of the new Emperor Naruhito, the state delegations from around 180 countries live and let live.

In the exhibition halls of the Big Sight it is contemplative. Also, this auto show has to fight. Earlier, the Japanese automaker dominated here with so many extravagant Concept Cars like nowhere else. This year, Japan remains among themselves; only Mercedes, Renault and Alpina are there, but show nothing you haven’t seen already. However, even the home brands to back: Honda Stand, where the new Jazz of is shown of only two new series of models that could be overlooked.

Stromer of Mazda and Nissan

the Stars of The show: Mazda’s surprise coup MX-30, the rolls as the first power of the brand in the summer of 2020 to the dealers. Not a study, but the production car with 140 HP and around 200 kilometers of range, to keep the battery small and light. Cost: From around 37’000 Swiss francs can be ordered. Furthermore, the Lexus LF-30, a Stromer study with a solid battery, and huge gull-wing doors. And finally, Nissan Ariya Concept, the views of the first electric SUV, the brand with up to 400 HP, 500 km range and a new design philosophy. Mitsubishi MI-Tech Concept in the Playmobil Design is visually only a finger exercise, but its Plug-in Hybrid with a gas turbine, a new drive could be idea. Bizarre, but cool in Design Suzuki Waku Sport Concept comes with a more edgy two-door model, the push of a button, a combined rear fold makes.

pure car show was yesterday

to be The seems to be have been. But when you change into the brand new Aomi Area, you realize: The Tokyo Motor Show is Serious and has completed the change of the car – mobility fair, the last time the IAA in Frankfurt schwertat so. In a Fairground atmosphere, you can try here from the E-Scooter to E-car; it’s all about networking, future technology, energy supply, mobility services.

Here, also Toyota runs great, with Almost no cars, but with Autonomous Services as a self-propelled health test or in Autonomous Mobile built-in Gyms, the come to the customer’s home. And how, incidentally, to a study for the new fuel-cell sedan Mirai, which in 2020 is expected to come. In the case of Subaru, the new Generation of the station wagon Levorg is the Council of Europe. Hidden, but cool: the Mini-SUV from Daihatsu. But this brand has adopted a long time ago from Europe.