In the course of videodeluxe, reported the press service of the international organization examined the basic ideas of joint exercises, which in 2020 is planned in all regions of collective security of the CSTO. The conference participants agreed on the main issues of their conduct, and preliminary lists of participants.

in addition, the order of participation in the exercise of leadership of the relevant ministries and departments, representatives of international organizations and observers, as well as States that are not members of the CSTO.

it Became known, in particular, that a command post exercise with the collective rapid response forces (CRRF) “Cooperation-2020” to simulate combat illegal armed groups scheduled in the Caucasus region. And for testing tasks ensure the action of the CORF is planned maneuvers with special forces and reconnaissance “Search-2020” and with the forces and means of logistics “Echelon-2020”.

the maneuvers Will take place in the Central Asian region. Here are the exercises “Rubezh-2020”. It will hold over questions of application of forces and means of system of collective security in the interests of combating international terrorist organizations. And in the course of command-staff exercises “Indestructible brotherhood-2020” in the Eastern European region prepared the testing of the use of peacekeeping forces in the interest of maintaining international peace and security.

In staff negotiations under the General supervision of the chief of the CSTO joint staff Colonel-General Anatoly Sidorov was attended by the representatives of the defense ministries of Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan, as well as the joint staff of the CSTO Secretariat, units of special forces of the Ministry of internal Affairs and EMERCOM of Russia.

in addition, in the discussion of certain doctrines was attended by attache of defense at the Embassy of Serbia, representatives of the CIS Antiterrorist center and the Coordination service of Council of commanders of border troops, said the press service of the CSTO.