Now the majority of Muscovites seem to think about buying real estate is not time – where to buy, if the terms of the crisis, limitations, and risk of infection? However, this approach cannot be called faithful in a few months when the situation normalizes, it may be too late, the demand for apartments in Moscow definitely increase, but proposals could be much less. Therefore, those who have long planned to invest in housing, it is better to do it right now – the fact that many major developers are ready to meet and offer the best options.

We have yet to understand the impact of the pandemic on the economic situation in the country and in each city, but certain conclusions can be made already now – and they are, alas, disappointing. According to the forecasts of leading sociologists and urbanists, after the end of the pandemic will increase the flow of those who will come to Moscow to earn money and decide to stay, in small towns before-it was much smaller, but now they finally sucked the economic crisis, which is inevitable, apparently, since the epidemic. Fewer jobs, less opportunity to earn. And it is logical to assume that many have moved to the capital decide to stay here to live and will choose to buy an apartment.

Next is the next caveat. Alas, not all developers will survive a pandemic – and not because of the risks most coronavirus infection, and because of its economic consequences. In crisis conditions will survive those developers who have their own production facilities, therefore, those who can guarantee the minimization of risks of disruption of construction because of the failure of the contractor’s work. Such a large developer controls the entire chain of construction – means, is responsible to the client. However, not all developers in the capital can boast of such possibilities. For example, they have GK FGC, which has already developed several lucrative offers for purchase during a pandemic (10% discount for doctors of cashback for each day of isolation, or the ability to reset the interest on the mortgage until the end of 2020), and also gave people the opportunity of choosing an apartment at the time of isolation through its website.

What awaits us after the end of the pandemic? It is obvious that the demand for real estate will be more, but the number of quality proposals will be reduced. Many buyers are very anxious to hear the news about the freezing of construction in the beginning of the regime’s isolation and the resumption of work on construction sites after may 12, and the opening of sales offices (offices opened only on the territory of the Moscow region) has breathed a new batch of optimism and people are returning to the apartment of their dreams. Of course, the recovery in demand BUchildren happen gradually, but if everything goes well, by the fall everything will return to pre-crisis levels. Then those potential clients who had to adhere to self-imposed isolation, but did not want to choose an apartment on the website of the developer (for many, this is even too easily!), to return to choice. These people will be able to come to the construction site of their future housing, walk around the area and only after that to sign the agreement to purchase the apartment. The accumulated pent-up demand will give positive momentum in sales and not the fact that everyone is good enough and the best deals.

Therefore, those who are ready to buy flat – matured mentally and has accumulated enough for the down payment on the mortgage amount, the experts recommend not to wait until the end of the crisis, and to find a suitable option now. Moreover, it is now on the market presents a lot of interesting sentences: for example, GK FSK gives you the ability to get a mortgage in the partner banks (e.g., VTB BANK (PJSC)) with a rate of 6.5% per annum, and until the end of 2020 the interest on the loan will pay instead of the client developer. Those who at least once in your life, buying an apartment, well know in this period of “extra” money just does not happen!