Typically, the results of the exam in each subject come graduate in 10-14 days after it passed a specific exam. But this year Rosobrnadzor promises to process them faster – all the guys had to apply to universities. To pass the exam will be nearly 714 thousand people. Including about 620 thousand graduates of 2020.

Those dates that everyone can see in the schedule, taking into account reserve days in August is designed so that we can process and provide all the results until August 15, -said Anzor Muzaev. All educational institutions these results will see and be able to make a selection, release the orders of enrollment.

As of the date of the exam graduates and their parents now can not worry: the schedule of the Unified state examination for the year 2020 was officially approved. 29 June and 30 June – trial examinations which will be held without graduates. And the exam items for graduates of will take July 3 – geography, literature, and Informatics. Most finishes take the exam on July 23. But there are still reserve days and the second wave in August – in case of force majeure.

– the Epidemic situation in Russia allows to say that the exam will not be, – assured children and parents Anzor Muzaev.

Graduates of previous years who had passed the exams in the early period, this year will be admitted to exams in basic terms. Re-apply for the examinations they do not need.

What measures anti-epidemic security will be on the exam? Here, disinfection of premises, and dispensers with antiseptics for hands, and zigzag Seating children at a distance of five feet… What else?

– Mask and gloves – this item is mandatory for the organizers of the exams. As for the guys – the decision on the remedies for them are regional authorities together with regional staff, – said Anzor Muzaev. – If the new territory has risks – they know better from the field.

Masks and gloves should be issued and the teachers, and graduates (if so decided by the region) for free. The parents have to shoulder these costs will not fall.

At the entrance to the EGE will be a paramedic – he will measure temperature and will evaluate the status of the graduate. According to Anzor Muzaev, if it is a high temperature, the participant of the exam will have to take the exam on another day. So if you have a chronic illness such as allergies, whose symptoms are similar to symptoms of SARS, graduate you’d better bring a doctor’s note. The reference on absence of the coronavirus in the exam to bring is not necessary.

to Monitor the progress of the exams will be public observers through the camera, but to help them – neural networks and artificial intelligence. How does it work? The system will recognize atypical behavior in the classroom (for example, trying to get the mobile phone) and records “under��vision to the violation”. Then sends the label to a human observer: he will see the tape and make a final decision.

If the “Eleshnica” caught breaking the results void. And to retake them this year will be impossible. If a graduate dissatisfied with your results, then retake the exam this year it will not.

– Mulligans are only for those who, for whatever reason, associated primarily with health, did not attend the examination or failed to complete it. At this point of the exam is made Protocol – said Anzor Muzaev. – To retake to improve result be allowed, no one will. But I’m sure the results will be no worse than previous years. I think they even increase.

this year Rosobrnadzor will analyze handwritings 1.2 million exam papers. So no one thought to try to come and write the exam for “that guy”.

In 2019 on the exam was first applied technology of identification of handwriting using artificial neural networks, – explained in Department. – Analyzed more than a million examination papers of different subjects of the Russian Federation. Also analyzed the handwriting of the final essays of the graduates. Automated analysis revealed 75 exam papers, which was done, presumably, in different hands. Information about such cases Rosobrnadzor sent to regional education authorities. They carried out additional checks.

If the examination confirmed that the exam for the graduate wrote to someone else, his results were annulled. In 2020 raised suspicion work will also be sent to a specialized organization on handwriting examination.

about 300 thousand Russian school teachers come from vacation this summer in order to conduct an exam.

We moved the exam to the middle of the summer and caused severe discomfort to the teachers. They for the first time in many decades to interrupt your holiday in 54 days. It will consist of two parts. We are forced to do it. Vacation is interrupted for nearly 300 thousand teachers. It’s almost a quarter of all teachers in the country, – said Anzor Muzaev on the online meeting of the party “United Russia”.

Also, the acting head of Rosobrnadzor supported the proposal of the “United Russia” to install additional payment to teachers for work on the exam. In the Murmansk region, for example, teachers work on the exam in terms of coronavirus will receive a payout of up to 10 thousand rubles.

– We understand that not everyone has the opportunity, as in the Murmansk region. But this example must be brought to the heads of the regions, – said Anzor Muzaev. I suppose it’s not a lot of money, which you can still find and pay teachers.

Masks and gloves is mandatory for teachers – the organizers of the exams. About masks for kids the solution will be PRto animate the regions themselves.

In most regions, technical schools and colleges have opened admission campaign: the order of the Ministry of education for admission to programs of secondary vocational education was signed.

What does it say? Full-time form of education acceptance of documents ends on August 25. In the field, requiring certain creative abilities, physical or psychological qualities, – August 15. Subject to availability of places, admission shall be extended to November 25.

the Deadline for the part-time form of study organization sets their own. Statement, the graduate will be able to apply in several ways: by the conventional “paper” mail, email, or through their own information system of the College, its website (if it has such functionality). Another option is through the regional portals of state and municipal services. When a graduate will submit electronic copies of all documents, the College will have the right to check them, including through public services.

Another important point: if you receive need not only a high school diploma, but also, for example, assessment for a creative test, which is conducted by the College, the organization itself will determine the shape of this entrance exam. He can pass remotely.

But most of the professional institutions, will continue to enroll students on the competition certificates. That is to take on a “budget” those who have better grades. In the top colleges in popular destinations, such as, for example, “information systems and programming”, the average score on the “budget” is close or equal to “five”.

As told in the Ministry of education, the orders of enrollment will be issued between August 26 and September 1.