The tightening of quarantine in China: coronavirus suspended normal life

2019 New coronavirus-nCoV remains on surfaces for up to five days, surviving in sewage, and to infect man enough to hold fifteen minutes, near the source of the infection. These are the conclusions of experts of the National Commission on public health of China. The lethality of the disease is higher than the SARS of 2003 — has killed 362 people. China tightens quarantine: school holidays extended for another two weeks, citizens were obliged to work from home.

the birth of this girl was watched by all hospital of Harbin. The baby was born infected with coronavirus mom and was completely healthy. Thousands of patients now there was a belief that disease can be defeated.

To lift the spirit doctors in Wuhan sing sick songs directly in intensive care. Here continue to be all the new infected. The head nurse of the emergency Department At Sanping said that people bring without end.

today should be easier. Make infected with the coronavirus begins special hospital “Chosenlang”. It was built in just ten days. The second is the same on the way — the work goes on around the clock. In the same way all the companies that provide the vital functions of cities — energy, water. The rest — home. To prevent an epidemic, the authorities have already twice prolonged new year’s vacation: first to 2 Feb, now to 10.

there Are plants. Canceled concerts and international sporting Championships. The “closed” sign on almost all doors of offices and shops.

When almost all businesses because of the extended new year holidays, the banking sector is simply not able to stay so long in a frozen state. Today, the main Bank of China still has resumed. And then you can be sure: all banking operations are “clean” after all, they now start with the disinfection antiseptic.

that hand wash is necessary, but to go out there, declare even in remote villages. Reports from the health Committee to read on duty. In the age of high technology, the Chinese remembered about the radio.

the Suburb of Beijing. Local activists wore bandages and went out on patrol. Outsiders — admitted. According to one of the activists, he will not let someone you do not know.

lettering on a red banner: “Wash your hands, wear a mask.” But what if masks now can’t find it. For example, the seller of ducks Peking put next to the item poster: “I have a roast duck on a twenty masks.” In such circumstances, the best place to wait out the virus remains own apartment. So decided and the Russians:

— We are going to wait out this virus in China, while at home, not to risk and not to visit airports to train stations.

— We wear masks, wash our hands, do not go to public places. I think it is a safe way to stay in China.

But many are already packing up in preparation for evacuation:

— having Lived half a year in a foreign country, unexpectedly appear so many things, which are then very difficult to collect, — shared Victoria Makutova.

In the laboratories struggling to create a vaccine. They say they are ready to cooperate with Russian scientists in order to accelerate the process.

“Only one institution identified eight viruses. According to experts, some very good quality. On this basis it is possible to make an attempt to produce a vaccine,” — said the Ambassador of China in Russia Zhang Hongwei.

Spreading from China, the virus could not affect international relations. The US has advised its citizens not to travel to China, and head of the us Doc even stated: the virus will speed the return of AMERican companies from China, so for US useful. In Beijing all of this is called hostile step, Recalling that American citizens actually helped the first to be evacuated from the infected Wuhan.

“only the United States and could, spreading panic and fear — it is a bad example. Even the us media and experts have questioned the government’s decision, saying that restrictions imposed by the U.S. government is opposed by the world health organization,” — said the official representative of Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying.

This is the statement of the representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry made during the Internet-conference. From the traditional “live” briefing, decided to give up, not to put the press at risk. The Internet is now sent to all citizens of the country for shopping, not to catch the virus in the stores.

Sometimes, of course, you might get lucky and the order will ship. For example, the courier can bring lunch from a restaurant, put it on the ground and retreat to a safe distance. The client, after a pause, takes. But mostly the main platform of Chinese online trading Taobao now gives this message: “delivery impossible. The order will be processed after February 10th.”