you have gathered all the adventures of Justus, Peter and Bob from Rocky Beach in the form of a book, a total of about five whopping metres of full voltage in the bookshelf. Incredible 200 stories are of the generation across the famous “Three question marks”. Pardon: The series is written correctly “The three ???”.

In these meters, but are not included once again the popular radio plays. 199 in number, a total of more than 50 million copies sold. In the autumn of this year, the 200 to. Result will be published, which came out a few months ago as a book.

they come in Switzerland

“The three ???” will come in the Original in Switzerland, to be more precise: the Next spring, to Zurich’s Hallenstadion indoor stadium. “Original” means in this case: Since the first recorded result of the same three speakers for the ever-popular stories of Peter Shaw (Jens Wawrczeck), Bob Andrews (Andreas Fröhlich) and the clever, but also annoying somewhat smart Justus Jonas (Oliver Rohrbeck ) are responsible.

The big offensive for a reason: The radio play series of the “three question marks” celebrates its anniversary. 1979 40 years ago, appeared in the first episode, “The Super-parrot” and struck like a bomb. The series would enjoy but also far after the turn of the Millennium, is still very popular, would have thought at the time, nobody. The reason for the initial success of a very clever Marketing of the US author Robert Arthur, invented the three young detectives as early as 1964, was – in addition to the really exciting stories.

He was with Alfred Hitchcock, known and secured the right, Hitchcock’s name and face on the cover of the books. As a return, Arthur had him as a side character occur. As the license in 1980, is too expensive and is not renewed, passing it some years later, with the popularity of the three teenage detectives In the United States, series of 1991, is set.

Almost, you have been a victim of a publishing dispute

In Germany, the license rights to 2004. But here, too, a turbulent time for Justus, Peter and Bob is long overdue for us – they are no longer called in the meantime, “The three ???”, but, in the radio plays, “The Dr3i”. Worse still, Justus Jonas and Peter Shaw will not come suddenly, but take on comic Doppelgänger by the name of Jupiter Jones and Peter Crenshaw.

reason is a dispute between the book publisher: cosmos and of the radio play label Europa. First, as the heels sink in for three years, pulling together the brawlers out of court, in order to secure the continued existence of the crime series for both sides. Nevertheless, The series is hard to beat face.

Fettes Brot makes for a bold paragraph

Unexpected help from unexpected side: in 1997 the German rapper confess Fat bread in a talk show as die-hard Fans of the series, and in 1998 for the album “Fettes Brot says Hello”, even a “Three ???”-Mini radio drama. And all of a sudden, the paragraph picks up again – also because parents remember the exciting stories of their youth and their children continue to give.

not to be running behind the Scenes to come in family-friendly way. So about the original radio play, the musicians Carsten Bohn will be paid for years, no royalties, and he must fight a decades-long court dispute with the Label of Europe to get to his money.

In more recent recordings have disappeared his compositions, which for many Fans of the first hour, a large part of the appeal of the series was. The European label, the heads of Andreas Beurmann, musicologist, and label founder, and his wife Heikedine Körting, former lawyer, and with over 1500 productions, the most successful fairy-tale-radio drama producer at all (says the Guinness book of records), to conduct otherwise often anything other than family friendly – via Connections in the porn industry, for example, reported the “mirror”.

The biggest Problem of the series: aging of The votes

The Fans don’t care. The want to – as ever – just exciting stories. And because the newer additions such as “The three ??? Kids” (for younger audiences), or “The three !!!” (specially for girls), rice sales send find, you will get probably for a long time. Meanwhile, on the sixty receives actor Jens Wawrczeck, Andreas Fröhlich, Oliver Rohrbeck is probably also for the next decades still work – even if you slowly, but surely a bigger Problem: It is, as a producer, Körting says, slowly, difficult to find for the roles of the adult voices that sound older than Justus, Bob and Peter.

Prior to 1929, Erich kästner’s appeared novel for children, books for children, either fairy tales or moral stories. With the Comedy of Emil tischbein, his cousin Pony Hütchen, a Berlin-based children’s gang and the nasty thief Grundeis in the always grandiose Kästner does away with the moralistic acidic stories and prepares the way for all the other detective series. With “Emil and the three twins” (1934), there is a lesser known, but equally enjoyable sequel.

“treasure” is a youth detective gang, consisting of Tarzan (later Tim), Karl, Dumpling and Gabi. Tarzan Karate, Karl can remember things like a Computer, Dumplings, chocolate, and Gabi can – um – well appearance and Tarzan idolize. In spite of the antiquated girl image in the series is a huge success, with 14 million books sold, 33 million sold, radio plays, most written by writers Rolf Kalmuczak under the name of Stefan Wolf. Kalmuczak died in 2007 at the age of 68 years and had that “treasure” with the new authors should continue to live. Since 2012, no new result is in the form of a book, more appeared.

Four children and a dog meet in the England of the 1940s, each in their boarding school holidays and be involved every Time in a Detective case. Critics, and librarians -don’t like the stories, as in the rest of all of Enid Blyton, at all, to reactionary, to xenophobia,
too elitist to knitting pattern like. The children don’t care: Blytons stories sell today, a total of 600 million Times. Thus, the British author (d. 1968) is since the 1930s, one of the world’s most successful children’s book authors at all – even before J. K. Rowling with “Harry Potter”.

The a lot of writing (about 550 books!) Author Thomas Brezina the title in 1990, under the shower, in the meaning: The four heroes gain a Lederhosen Design competition that is hard to beat in embarrassment. Even otherwise, the series is over-kandidelt – in the best sense: inventions such as the horrors of chocolate (explosive chocolate) witnesses from the Spinning a yarn from the author. The reader thanking him for: The series 71 stories has been translated into 19 languages.