this year’s elections have made our Parliament, the youngest and greenest ever. Two terms that are not thinking apart in the year 2019. The myriad of climate, demonstrations, school strikes, and mobilization in social media and on the street seem to have for the climate youth paid off.

The Generation Z now has high expectations of the policy. It is clear that Young Swiss plans for the protection of the environment and see that these are implemented. The debate on climate change has let the youth policy-related be. The interest in the political process and the desire to want to have a say in ignited many a fire. Any third party candidates this year was under 30 years of age, and it is almost twice as many under 30 were elected-Year-old as four years ago.

Not only environmental topics of interest to the youth, even the Outlook on your future and the future of Switzerland’s move. Decisions to refer young views and Switzerland in a direction to develop opportunities for young people, offers, ideas, to realize their ideas and to be in the company seriously.

Because of the evidence, that a Boy, working for a common goal and voice to use, can make a big difference, was, at the latest, resulted in this year’s elections, the eyes of all.

elections of Soda

This article was written in co-operation with the VIEW-Social-magazine Soda. On the Instagram Channel, to explain to their peers the young journalist Yaël Meier (19) and Lou Schmid (20), how to decide which party to choose and how to fill out a ballot. In addition to policy Young, on Soda, on how to fill out a tax return, how to find the right WG and how to survive as a Student – so everything you learned in school, but important for life. Yaël and Lou take the boy on a journey across News and politics. So that everyone can join in the conversation.