The theory about artificial coronavirus entered the Kremlin

the Kremlin has not yet joined the voices of Western leaders, requiring to call on China to answer the pandemic coronavirus. Vladimir Putin had previously said that the fight between tigers Russia, like clever monkey, prefers to watch from the side – and, apparently, in the current situation intends to adopt similar tactics. However, doubts about the truthfulness of provided by the Chinese information has already appeared: the former Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova did not rule out that СOVID-19 may have an artificial origin.

In March, the foreign Ministers of the “Big seven” are unable to sign the joint communiqué as agreed with the phrase “Wuhan virus”, which was proposed by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

Then these labels seemed politically incorrect. But China was not as a source, but as the first victim of the opponent in a terrible infection.

But for a month all changed. Now, not only Donald trump, who need to regain the trust of voters and win the election, insists that the virus could be of laboratory origin. Other Western leaders have publicly expressed doubt that China provided the world public with full and comprehensive data as the origin of new infections and the losses.

“of course, there was something about what we don’t know,” said the President of France Emmanuel macron. And Angela Merkel, after the appeals of the Minister of economy Gerd Muller to uncover the truth about the source of the coronavirus, recognized that this issue is long and widely debated in the German government. “The more transparent China will present the story of the origin of this virus, the better for all of us,” she said.

the U.S. Senate who worked on sanctions against Russia, have already prepared a bill about the need for an international investigation of the actions of Beijing and creating a “compensation mechanism”: America, they say, can write off part of its debt to China.

In Europe, the billing while you’re not politicians, and journalists, but the amounts referred to is not less impressive. Thus, according to English media, the European Union, Beijing needs to pay more than $3 trillion.

China is such claims, of course, denies. Evidence of artificial origin of the virus, according to representatives of the Chinese Ministry of foreign Affairs, does not exist. (And this the Chinese continued to support the who) And H1N1 influenza and AIDS, which first appeared in the United States, claimed more lives than the coronavirus. In other words: there is nothing to blame the mirror, if face is crooked. Something like this meets the Western critics of China.

the Kremlin is in a heated discussion, while prudent, is not involved. A year ago, at the height of the trade war between the US and China��m Vladimir Putin said that the fight between the two tigers, Russia prefers to play the role of a clever monkey, who watches from the side. This tactic is also applicable in the current situation.

According to the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, “the exchange of criticism” because coronavirus is similar to a game of ping-pong, and it’s a thankless task. Pandemic is a situation where you need to put aside rivalries and unite for a strong response to the pandemic and its economic consequences. According to the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, his hair standing on your head stand up when it hears appeals on compensation or on the seizure of Chinese property abroad, if these payments will be made.

However, Moscow does not make sense to oneself for Beijing to fight about this with their Western partners. (Recall that in 2014, each si urine when Russia was at war with the public opinion of the West over the Crimea).

Vladimir Putin likes to play the role of peacemaker, and this is the right time. Not accidentally the last meeting on the coronavirus ended the long story of the President about how important it is in the present circumstances to promote international cooperation and to support each other: first, we helped the China, Italy and the USA and these countries are now helping us with the means of protection and components. Because Moscow has no insoluble contradictions with either Beijing or Washington, it may take on the role of mediator, if, of course, necessary.

In a recent conversation with the President of China, XI Jinping to GDP called the attempts to accuse Beijing of untimely informing of the world community is counterproductive. However, much reason to trust the Chinese partners of the Kremlin, as it turned out, no.

Doctor Elena Tsyganova 20 APR told Vladimir Putin that the Chinese would not let the delegation of the Russian Ministry of health either in Wuhan or even in Hubei province. On the same day the ex-Minister of healthcare Veronika Skvortsova has not excluded that the coronavirus may have an artificial origin.

Confused professionals its size, behavior and fragments, particularly the fragment of HIV. “The origin requires careful study”, – concluded the Minister.

meanwhile, last week, Luc Montagnier, Nobel prize winner for his discovery of the retrovirus HIV, gave the French portal Pourquoidocteur a sensational interview in which he said: he found in the coronavirus genome sequence of the human immunodeficiency virus, natural way this could not appear to be. Montagnier suggests: coronavirus “flowed” from the Wuhan laboratory – and it is unlikely that the leak was intentional.

According to the Nobel laureate, the Chinese tried to make a “vaccine against infection with human immunodeficiency virus using coronairus”.

But there’s good news. Montagnier said that, roughly speaking, for the nature COVID-19 looks so unnatural that nature tries to get rid of him – that’s why he mutates rapidly, getting rid of artificial changes. It is a process scientist called a “glimmer of hope”, suggesting that even have to do nothing, the coronavirus will lose its lethality. However, taking up to this point, many lives.