Watching the current fate of candidates in presidents of Belarus Victor Babariko, which is in the KGB detention center, and Sergei Tikhanovski, locked in a prison of the interior Ministry, many think about the fate of those who dared to challenge the old man Lukashenko in previous elections. What happened to those who tried to compete with him, as they live in the country of the victorious “Lukashism” and live for ever…

the Second presidential elections in Belarus after the triumphant victory of the Deputy-corruption fighter Aleksandr Lukashenko in 1994, occurred only in 2001. During this time, ex-Deputy of the Supreme Soviet has become not only a “national father”, but also thoroughly clean the political field to change the Constitution, prolonging thus his first term to seven years. But at the same time to alienate the part of the political elite, which did not expect such a hurried from “yesterday’s the Chairman of the farm”. It is believed that the election of 2020 became the first when the challenge Lukashenko threw not only the traditional opposition, but also representatives of the authorities. However, for the first time this happened still in 2001-m to year, when a single alternative candidate from the existing structures of power became the Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of Belarus Vladimir Goncharik. At the time of elections he was 60 years old, and yet his victory was even a youth movement “Zubr”. Vladimir Goncharik was mediocre “leader”, and when on election night thousands of people despite the pouring rain out on the street, and the young “bison” even captured the Palace of trade unions, requiring a revision of the elections Goncharik called the people to disperse, admitting his defeat. A similar pliability allowed him to avoid jail, but in his post after the election he spent a short time, soon got rid of his retirement. And not allowed to return to politics, pointedly not registering in the parliamentary elections. Now Goncharik retired, gets 500 roubles. This is more than the average Belarusian, but it is much less than that of other retired politicians.

In 2005, the main opponents of the Lukashenko was the representative of the opposition – ex-mayor of Grodno Alexander Milinkevich and the former rector of the Belarusian state University Alyaksandr Kazulin. Moreover, during the election campaign, the authorities threw all the forces not even against “oppa” Milinkevich and the former rector of the vs. He was prevented from holding meetings with voters, since even revealing beat. And after the election, Kazulin got more Milinkevich. Opposition for organizing protests, was detained for 15 days, and Kazulin was sentenced to 5.5 years of imprisonment. Alyaksandr Milinkevich ten years was engaged in the opposition activity, existing on the Western grants. And in 2016, generally retired from politics, registering in Warsaw, the Foundation “Free Belarusian��iversity” which will help Belarusian students to send to study in the West.

Alyaksandr Kazulin left in prison 3.5 years, survived a 53 day hunger strike, was declared a “prisoner of conscience”. While he was in the colony, departed this life his beloved wife Irina. Adversity provoked a rapid development of her cancer. He really could not even with her to say goodbye. Upon his release, he left politics. Lives quietly, does not give interviews. Only recently he went on the conversation with Belarusian journalists, confirming her again that no such “dirty area” as a policy case be not intended.

Despite the sad fate of the ex-rector of BSU in 2010 against Lukashenko ran for ten candidates, eight of them in opposition. After the election in Belarus was the largest mass area – tens of thousands of people took to the streets. But the crackdown was not the example of hard. While the candidates were waiting for harsh retribution. Eight out of ten were detained. Seven received real terms – from two to six years of imprisonment. Moreover, opposition politician Andrei Sannikov was arrested along with his wife Irina Khalip, a poet Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu was taken to prison directly from his hospital bed – on election night he was severely beaten by some of the “aunts”.

In the Belarusian politics after such a tough “Stripping” remained vital Rymasheuski, representing the Belarusian Christian Democrats. To this day he is the organizer of various actions. Opposition leader Ales Mikhalevich after his release, he went to the Czech Republic, Belarus back in 2015, in 2018 he returned to politics, entering the leadership of the movement “For Freedom”.

the Poet Vladimir Nyaklyaeu after his release he continued to engage in literary activities, and in 2019 went to Sweden to write a book. Andrei Sannikov has spent two years, subjected to torture and humiliation. Upon his release, he moved with his family to Britain, where he received political asylum.

the longest held in captivity indomitable Nikolai Statkevich, who refused to write a petition for pardon addressed to Lukashenka. In prison he was the most rigid conditions, and on freedom it left only in 2015. And immediately again got involved in political activities. For participation in the stock was delayed several times. And is now in jail.

After the “uprooting” of the political field in 2010 elections in 2015 were as quietly. The representative of the opposition Tatyana Karatkevich was and got the second result at the election after Lukashenka – 4.42% of the votes. But the leader of the United civil party Anatol Lyabedzka that the check still has not passed. And later ended up in prison. Now Tatiana Karatkevich remains in politics as head of the initiative group for the current��of ndidate the presidency of the movement “Tell the truth” Andrei Dmitriev.

From this overview it is possible to draw some conclusions: the more popular the candidate, as opposed to Lukashenko, and the more people behind it, the harder it will cost after the election. The harsh law of Belarusian politics: “don’t put the cart before the presidency”.