you chop off the enemies heads and hung the trophies of the neck of their horses. The Greek historian Posidonius described the battle ritual of the Celts. This “hairy Savage” languages unintelligible gibberish, and were called barbarians, which means “stammerer”. In the course of the centuries, the meaning changed and the term was only for uncivilized Behavior.

A similar transformation of the term “Nazi” is experiencing. What is a Nazi? There are the unteachable Old-Nazi who admires a mass murderer, and there are the Neo-Nazi, who experienced neither Hitler nor the Holocaust and in the school, a window had space.

“Outside brown, the inside red”

the Nazis murdered six million Jews. Can you cite someone, the Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, after which you can have either open borders or a welfare system, with the worst criminals in the world history?

As a Nazi law referred to extreme, although some historians still argue about whether Hitler was a Right-wing extremist or a left-extreme. Because he dreamed, like all socialists, of the social the same circuit, and the program moved between the left-totalitarianism of Stalin and the fascism of the Ex-Communist Mussolini. Karl Marx’s classless society was called in Hitler’s “national community”. A popular joke at the time was: “Outside brown, the inside red.” So, what is a Nazi?

ZDF-correspondent Nicole Diekmann (#Nazis out) put it ironically: “Anyone who chooses not green, is a Nazi.”

How mega cool is that?

Meanwhile, the intimidating Nazi-Mace belongs to the populist Folklore in German-speaking countries and to replace the Argument.

Each term is the inflationary use. In the ‘ 70s, someone was “cool” when he was sexually aroused. Today, everything is cool, what is Fun – a Song is great, greed is good, and a Burger-the action “three for two” is mega cool.

The next Generation of the Nazi word is probably not with the “nationalist socialists” link. I heard cursing in the summer, a Teenager because of the tram chauffeur had not waited for him. He called after him: “fucking Nazi!”

Claude Cueni (63) is a writer and lives in Basel. He writes every second Friday of the VIEWS.