The tenants of the houses-monuments started coming very heavy account

this is the second month residents of the historic buildings in Kostroma fever: the owners of small apartments, located in the former aristocratic mansions, began receiving unprecedented amounts of invoices with the proposal to increase contributions to the regional Fund overhaul. In 2019, the ranks of defendants in cases of forced costly repairs of houses, monuments were inhabitants the old merchant and petty-bourgeois estates in the streets She and Komsomol. Behind them the unpleasant utility bills started to come the owners of old apartments in other historic neighborhoods of Kostroma.

Photo: Tatiana Kravchenko Why in Barnaul save on the program of resettlement of dilapidated housing

– In January of this year I received an unprecedented receipt for utility services: for a flat of 33 sq. m I was asked to pay for December… 15 646 rubles! I own this apartment since 2004 and all this time promptly pay all bills for utilities. In the payment for November amount was adequate – about a thousand, while the monthly contribution to the Fund the overhaul was 262,35 of the ruble (the rate of 7.95/sq meter). But in December the receipt suddenly appeared in the column “eliminations”, which I attributed to the alleged debt for major repairs in 14 472 of the ruble. The Fund overhaul said to me that all the previous years I was supposedly billed “wrong”, and now suddenly added “as expected”, – told “RG” the inhabitant of the house-monument No. 12 on the street Simanovsky in Kostroma.

– Our house 12 – a monument of architecture. Since pre-revolutionary times in this house, little has changed: there is still no hot water, many people are forced to use the shared kitchen and toilet designed for several apartments. Whether there are such “convenience” of 15 thousand rubles a month? – puzzled residents.

only In one Sverdlovsk oblAsti today, I expect to overhaul more than a hundred houses-monuments

In the regional Fund overhaul “RG” explained that residents of the old apartment houses-monuments received a receipt with recalculation “on the basis of established minimum fees and floor space since the action of the regional program”.

meanwhile, the maximum approved amount of the contribution in the region is 242 rubles per square meter, which is 30 times higher than recommended by the authorities of the payment.

Photo: Pixabay residents of closing settlements freed from contributions for the repair

evidence of excessive contributions for the repair of houses, monuments correspondents “RG” found in other cities. Only in one Sverdlovsk region today, I expect to overhaul more than a hundred houses-monuments. The old heritage objects, included in the lists of the regional Fund of capital repairs, are constantly shifting in the tail of the queue. The Ministry of energy and utilities in the region say that the repair of monuments is a whole different money – much more than 9-10 rubles per square, which is usually paid by the residents. Say, the cost of “building with history” higher three, five or seven times. While officials claim that the problem is not just lack of funds, but also experience. Say, you need certified designers and contractors with experience in this field.

However, the head of mku “the Ekaterinburg centre on protection and use of historical and cultural heritage,” Mr Genin believes the topic is far-fetched. All the talk about the high cost of the overhaul was, in his words, caused by the additional costs of obtaining licenses for organizations. In 2018, their validity, many firms have ended, and there was panic. Now there is no problem. “So just want to increase the cost of repair of objects of historical and cultural legacyI”, – says graduading. According to him, the restoration fees for the monuments of constructivism only 30-50 percent above normal repair, and it is real, not an astronomical sum.


Svetlana Razvorotneva, Executive Director of NP “housing Control”:

Photo: Alexey Sukhorukov/RIA Novosti If payment of housing services may cancel the Commission

– the Regions eligible for the differentiation of tariffs for the repair depending on the number of storeys of the house, its design features, year built… But to charge extra for the status of an architectural monument or cultural heritage site legally impossible. Although everyone understands that the regular overhaul of the building and the building-monument is two different things. Cultural heritage is not repaired, and restaurerede. This means that you need special projects, special materials, special certified organizations-contractors who are engaged in the restoration and employ appropriate qualified staff, conduct field supervision and other charges for restoration in any case much beyond the contributions established by the regions. What to do? The state Duma is now discussing the idea of a co-financing of capital repair of such objects depending on whether they are monuments of Federal, regional or municipal importance. Of course, even if we accept this order, it will not solve the problem – regions and municipalities kind of money do not possess, and the municipalities even more.

We propose to Finance the overhaul of such objects from the Federal programme “Housing and the urban environment”. After all, it is foolish to restore the Central area of the ancient County town, and the merchant’s house-razvalyushki on it leave as is.

Prepared by Olga Bukharova