The temperature in the Antarctic returns to normal

In Antarctica, the temperature after record highs gradually returning to normal. About this media said the former head of the meteorological center of the Argentine base Marambio Mauricio Nicolas Laurie.

In the last week the highest temperature was recorded on 6 and 9 February, reminds RIA Novosti. Since 10 February, the situation began to normalize. Currently, the temperature is almost back to normal.

6 February at the research station “Esperanza”, located in the extreme North of the Antarctic Peninsula, was recorded a new historical temperature record – plus of 18.3 degrees.

According to forecasts from Brazil, February 9 at Seymour island, located East of the Northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, recorded a record temperature – 20.75 degrees above zero.

Meteorologists from Argentina did not believe the observations of his colleagues. As told Laurie, the day temperature rose only to + 15.5 degrees.