A teenager from the American city of Weatherford, Texas, managed to catch a tiger shark weighing 382 kilograms fishing in Port Aransas. This is the website of the TV channel ABC 13.

Monday, June 15, Mika Harless (Micah Harless) was fishing with his father and during the 36-hour voyage caught a huge shark. The moment when the organizers of the fishing pick up on the winch a dangerous fish to weigh it, caught on video. It turned out that she weighed 382 kilograms and its length was 3.6 meters.

The teenager said that he and his father plan to leave a little meat myself, and the rest to distribute.

Tiger sharks are considered extremely dangerous to humans. They grow to an average of 4.25 meters in length and weigh up to 635 kilograms. In the Guinness Book of records listed a special length of 5.5 meters, which weighed half a ton.

Earlier it was reported that the child caught a lake trout weighing 19 pounds while fishing in Utah. The mother took a picture of a boy with an unusual catch, after which he released the fish back into the water.