According to the Ministry of forestry of the Penza region, from the beginning of year has occurred for 22 forest fires on a total area of 93 hectares. To fight fire every year spend a lot of money.

last week, through participation in the national project “Ecology”, the region has acquired 33 units of special equipment. Four forest fire complex “Huntsman” on the platform of the car, GAS, tractor, three Quad bikes with trailer, 18 car UAZ “hunter” and seven UAZ “Patriot”.

– our forest is the largest length. On the road to move on this technique easier. And Quad and ATV will be used where it will not pass a massive technique to rapidly identify and localise the fire front, – said the Director of Its-Leninist forestry of the Penza region Alexey Medicin.

Previously, the region has allocated about 40 million rubles for the Federal protection of forests. Penza region, first of all actors has concluded the state contracts for the purchase of specialized machinery and equipment according to the national project “Ecology”. However, I received only 359 knapsack fire extinguishers. Thing for foresters is indispensable, but in the fight against forest fires is ineffective.

According to the Minister of forestry, hunting and nature management of the Penza region Alexander Moskvin, the region will focus on creating a system of effective forecasting and responding to fires, which allows to concentrate forces and means for their suppression. The issue price is not reported, it is known that it will be funds from the consolidated budget for co-financing.

While the regional center learn to predict a fire on the ground do not comply with basic safety rules. Penza oblast Prosecutor’s office checked the performance of the forestry legislation in the implementation of fire prevention measures in the settlements bordering the lands of the state forest Fund. It turned out that in many settlements ignore the elementary rules that do not require large financial investments. For example, the arrangement of protective strips around dwelling houses, excluding the possibility of the spread of fire by the wildfires. The Prosecutor of Luninsky district was forced to go to court to force local authorities to eliminate the violation.

Analyzing the causes of forest fires, the prosecutors found that most often, the fire comes to the forest from nearby areas. In Vadinsky and Penza regions, the transition of fire on the forest happened to land held in municipal ownership. In this regard, heads of administrations of village Council made the submission, they are under consideration.

Another acute problem of personnel. The average age of employees is committed to the retirementmu, and replaced them in remote areas no hurry. To solve a painful problem in the Penza agricultural College began to train personnel for the industry. Now there are 900 students in 14 majors, about 11 percent of the students – orphans and children left without parental care. In the near future will consider the transfer of the College land in nearby areas for cultivation of educational gardens and practice the acquired skills and knowledge in the real world.


In June in connection with the stabilization of the situation in most municipalities of the Penza region canceled special fire-prevention mode. However in the regional Department of GU Ministry of emergency situations reminded that the responsibility for observance of requirements of fire security in the private sector and residential buildings rests with homeowners. In the spring and summer, the owners were obliged to keep in constant readiness of fire-fighting equipment, for example container of water or hose connected to the water supply. They are also required to ensure the timely cleanup of sites from debris, dry grass and leaves. Forbidden fires, burning of waste at least 50 metres from buildings, storage houses and some of them flammable and combustible liquids and vessels with combustible gas.

In the Nizhny Novgorod region there are 42 fire stations of different types, with different equipment. The maximum feature (type III) only three, and they are located in the forests of the highest degree of fire risk. In June, a station should begin work in the Uren district on the North of the region. It including will be equipped with hardware and software intelligence systems forest fire situation.

– simply put, it is the folks that collect data about the state forest and promptly transmit them to the monitoring center. From the date of fixing the ignition Cam quadcopter to the team Manager on the nomination to the fire equipment shall not exceed five minutes, – said the Deputy Governor of the region Andrey Sanosyan.