At Syntra Midden-Vlaanderen in Sint-Niklaas, training, light and sound technician during draw. Nine cursusbegeleiders stand with both feet in the field. Coordinator, lighting technician Valeer Van den Nest, takes us on a tour of the backstage of, a good education for those who have something else to want.

“in My own company, OCT, Light, Sound, Education – and found a shelter for entrepreneurial training (Syntra,” says the teacher. “We want to give the training to their own devices for more than 20 years of age. On the basis of the need for a good technician to get. 9 cursusbegeleiders be an expert in the field. Each year choose one of 15 participants to take part in the light, and 35 to 40 participants to take part in sound, the ratio is about 1: 3.”

a Light – and-sound system offers opportunities in music, theatre, events, festivals, parties, corporate events. “We are going to focus towards the live action. There are a lot of events, so there is a demand for good technicians with a broad range of knowledge, and – importantly – what you can count on. You plan to pull, and sharp are, however, underestimated: you’ve got irregular hours, but it’s a lot of variation. We have students who come to in a few years time, with a good international CV, build up as an engineer.”

There are 30 classes for the lighting and 24-lessons-to sound. The programme attracts young people, (aged 18) who loves music, older people who want something different, or musicians who are interested in learning more about the technology. “We will have an individual learning system, you can have it all year by the board. That’s because a lot of the attendees are already some prior knowledge of. That does, of course, is that there are parts you can skip or repeat. That’s why we have lights and sound separately. You go at your own pace through the course.”

“the training programmes can also be a work placement is linked, typically with a manufacturing company. You’ll learn a publieksomgeving and co-workers the ins and outs of the business. Your contacts which are useful. It is the kind of job that you are always in control need to take, and be able to work together. Wallflowers are not likely to be asked again. Then you’re ready to get started, because there is a lot of demand for a good, reliable, technician. Take a look at the that’s where you can find many job opportunities and the cultural centre.”