You are always with hostility treated bulls?

Elena Penzina: I never felt such feelings. My work, like the work of my colleagues, has been associated with investigative journalism. Anatoly Petrovich – once an influential figure. He came to prominence during the struggle of groups for KrAZ.

As a PE teacher from a small town became the head of a major metallurgical enterprises?

Elena Penzina: In 1990, moved to Krasnoyarsk, where he became one of the founders of STM – “Construction, technology, metal” at the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant. With him for 10 years, the city was plunged into such fear that I think still haunts many. In Krasnoyarsk were hearing group Blue (Alexander Sinkovsky), Interpreter (Yuriy Tolmachev) and Mistakes (Victor lipnyagovit is). Than Bulls with their athletes was different from them? The first two years he, I think, look to competitors.

When did the assassination?

Elena Penzina: 10 Aug ‘ 93 killed Chistyakov, two months later – Sinkovsky, November 23 – Lipnyagova. One of the authorities remained the most active, but he was killed may 12, ‘ 94.

was murder and close to Bykov, and the attempt on him… Some are linking with the strengthening of the position of Bykova in Krasnoyarsk aluminium Smelter. What’s the story?

Elena Penzina: In 1994, the Bulls became a member of the Board of Directors of the plant and struck off the register 17% of shares owned by the Trans World Group of the brothers Black, thus the beginning of “the first aluminum war.” I think that by may of ‘ 94 in the region is not left those who could stand against him. In the group, if we analyse further events ripe for a split. The reason for Stripping close could be an attempt on him in June of ‘ 94. 24 Jul killed Aleksandr Naumov and Kirill Voitenko, 10 days – Victor Timika.

In Krasnoyarsk became quieter?

Elena Penzina: From 1996 to 1998 were killed and another four. In ‘ 98, the colony came Vladimir Filippov and began to create his group. He was shot and killed June 18, ‘ 98. Those are investigating a crime of the interior Ministry and the UK. In 2005 I conducted a journalistic investigation on a gang of Tartar. Then many witnesses were afraid to speak, afraid now. Not yet disclosed the murder Timika, of Chistyakov and Sinkovsky. Secret is an attempt to Bykov. There is a sense that the security forces close to unlocking it.

Why it was so popular in Krasnoyarsk?

Elena Penzina: In the 90 KrAZ was almost the only working enterprise in Krasnoyarsk. Thanks to PR Bulls became like his “only Savior”.

Bykov was accused of the murder of Vojtenko and Naumov…

Elena Penzina: Dozens of families want to know the truth about those events and are awaiting trial. And waiting for him for almost 25 years. And this court everyone is guilty must answer for their crimes. Because people are still afraid. Once I interviewed one person about the events of the 90s. When talking about the bulls, he switched to a whisper. Many still fear reprisals. But some, realizing that they have been wronged, already talking. People see that “authoritative” businessmen of this kind is not yet extinct, but their time is over.