In the Moscow district of Nekrasovka (South-East district) on suspicion of molesting teen arrested the taxi driver. This was reported by “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

in the Evening, the police noticed a car parked near the shelterbelt. When police approached the car, he saw in the backseat a man and a teenager. To answer the question, what were they doing here at this time, they failed, and were taken to the station.

In the Department 15-year-old student admitted that communicates with the 30-year-old man in November last year. They met in a social network, and soon the taxi driver invited the teenager to meet. At the first face-to-face acquaintance, the man asked for a reward to make him a body massage, including intimate areas. Subsequently, such meetings occurred regularly.

additionally, the taxi driver asked the student for money to send intimate photos.

the Teenager admitted that during this time managed to meet a man with two of his schoolfriends. Law enforcement officers carry out an inspection and find out what kind of relationship did the taxi with other minors.

As specifies the edition, in 2008, the detainee already served sentence for similar crimes. Freed, he changed his name and surname.